Naming Animals, Or Not

I personally name all of my animals. Usually give them a couple weeks of settling in and seeing their tendencies before they receive their names. I bring in the family when naming. My son and all of my nieces have named my reptiles and other animals here. Like others have said I have a theme to certain animals. For example my ball python females all get named old lady or “classic” names that start with a letter in their morph. My female Russian Rat snake has a female Russian name. Naming my animals did not make me care for them or bond with them any different. Helps me keep track of eveything in their own personal journal. I find it one of the things I like to do when I receive a new animal. I personally would not think any different of someone that did not name all of their animals/reptiles.


I give mine names so I can identify them to my husband. He’s not a big snake guy, so it’s easer to write a name on the tub then say “can you bring me the banana hypo leopard het rainbow triangle do-dad” and having to explain which morph is which ha-ha


Very few animals are named only the special ones for example the first ever Pied I produced 11 years ago on July 4th is named Independence, might have 10 with names max not like they care.


Independence is a great name idea for that one. I hope to give my future animals with thought out names like that

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Wow right topic in right situation! Can u guys help me name him?


I could offer some suggestions.
First what country or areas of the world are your ancestors from?
And do you have any favorite movies, shows or books?
I name a lot of my snakes after gods from the areas in the world my people came from, or after my favorite movies, shows and books.

Well that’s the only one the other names not so much thought out and not always PG :rofl:


By the way, that boa is gorgeous :heart_eyes:

ok I live in italy but im Spanish and my favorite movies are by far Star Wars

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it a leopard boa constrictor

You could name him Leonidas, after a Spartan ruler, and being a leopard morph, that could make sense.
If you like Star Wars, you could go with your favorite character from those movies. I lean to the dark side myself, and my favorite Sith is Darth Revan. He’s not familiar to those who have only seen the movies tho.
So maybe Revan?

yeah he is canon

Ah so I see you are a well cultured fellow. Star wars has plenty of names in it if you wanna go that route

yeah thats the problem too much names btw hope u ill find your snakes thief


I name all my animals. I feel that after a while they pick up on pitch and tone and actually will respond when they here it. My bts will look over if you say its name.

I’ve found that to be true with retics. Some of mine would come to the front of their tubs once I called there names, but maybe it was their inquisitive nature.
Still cool to think about tho.

Same here, every single animal we have has a name. My son is mostly the one who start thinking about the names because he is the most creative one, but I have veto right to boycott a name so we don’t get the really weird names. Most are from something he was into on that moment.
Like Daisy, the yellow orange princes from super mario (matches the colors of our sunglow boa) Zilly from Godzilla, Queenie and Xeno from Queen Xenomorph ( he was really into Aliens), Siri ( I got a apple telephone from my job and we had fun with Siri), Penny from the Big Bang theory , Haumea (project stars in school), Eddie as in Eddie Brock aka Venom, Scarlet from the Scarlet witch ect. The only one I came up with myself was Onini. Lived for some years in a house with several West Africans who often told storries about Anansie the spider. One character in the stories was Onini the python, so just had to name one like that. Just like Thomas @eaglereptiles we have a list of names ready for the future ones :grin:.

It’s like the names give them personality, like they really become pets when the get a name. One of our last ball python drove me crazy because she was such a bad eater. In six mounts she ate about five times. I knew she ate live mice before but I really had difficulty with feeding life. Even thought of selling her but my son started crying that we can not sell her because she already had a name so she was a pet. I have to be honest that it did feel different because this was not some random animal anymore, this was Huamea. End of the story is that I gave in and she is getting life multis/african soft furs now and she loves them.

So end of the story is I better not name any babie unless they are hold backs because then selling becomes difficult, and never ever name a rodent that is ment to be food :sweat_smile:.

But to name or not is not weird either. They don’t care so it up to you wether you like it or not ( except the blue tongue skink who seems to listen to his name . He always comes when I call him).


I currently name all mine, but I only have 30. I name both for the connection and also because it helps me keep track of who’s paired or related to who (vs a complicated ID number). I already have a bunch of names picked out for specific morph babies I want to hold back or buy (but those often change). Eventually I’ll probably recycle some favorite names as retired breeders move off to new homes.

I always name all my snakes the cats, the dog, and the breeder & grow-up (to breed) rats. My personal thought on it is they are all pets first and foremost and even the rats (feeders or breeders) are treated as such. They’re all just part of the furry & scaly fam here. :smiley:

It’s not weird at all! I think the longest it’s taken me to name a snake was a couple months, either because I wasn’t too fussed about it, or I simply hadn’t thought of something I liked enough to stick. Then there are the times when I know immediately what I want to name something. Sometime I just see the snake and think “Oh yeah, their name is ‘x’. No sweat”. Or, in the case of my Mystic Potion, I already had the name I wanted in mind and then set out to find a snake I liked that would match; not exactly conventional, but it turned out well. You just have to do what feels right. And if it takes you a while to form that connection than that’s okay too!

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