Naming Animals, Or Not

I dont name my BPs cuz I dont see the point, cuz they’re not exactly going to come running when you call them. On the other hand, i did give them names to take up space on the custom ID cards i had made for them. So, i guess. It’s just however you want to do it. If some like to, then do it. If you dont, then dont. Theres no rule one way or the other.

I have 71 reptiles. All of them have names sometimes it’s a theme others is personality and we have the ones that were just goofy like all of our created geckos are named after minions characters.

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Pets get names, things that are feeders or to be sold do not. I breed my own mice to feed my snakes, and I’d say only my favorite keepers are the ones that get names. I have a Walter and a Barry and a Fawn and a Jack-Jack but most of them get named after a physical characteristic (like Notch has a notch in her ear, Tan has a tan belly, Blacktail has a black tail, etc etc) but their children do not get names unless they graduate to keeper status. The mice have to earn their names, lol.

All of my snakes I consider my pets, and they all have names, as do my two geckos. The pythons are Milk Tooth, Daffodil, Aziraphale and Jorgen, the corn snake is Cordial, the garter snake is Flytrap, Clifford is the milksnake and the rainbow boa is Xibalba. Then there’s Eclair the fat tailed gecko and Inverse the leopard gecko. I find choosing names for my pets to be lots of fun. I don’t think I’ll get to the point where I’ll stop naming them unless I do finally breed my pythons. If I named the babies I’d be too afraid I’d keep all of them.


We are one of the rare breeding operations that names all of ours. We have so many that I actually have a hard time remembering the names sometimes, and that’s exacerbated by the fact that my wife picks complicated occult or exotic names for them. So I’m always like, we still need to feed Kalind- Alham- Alakazam- dang it, the Vanilla Het Clown female!! :joy: :joy:


I’ve named a number of ours, some came with names already. My favorite is our male Leopard BP - my daughter (28) picked him up and simply said “hello, Zephyr” - we didn’t intend to name him but here we are, LOL. Some have simple names - KB for our Killer Bee, Odette for our Orange Dream, some have names based on Gods / Goddesses - Helios (Banana, Pastel, Fire), Demeter (Pinstripe), Krion (Cinny Albino). Then we have Frick and Frack (sister Mochas), and Rose (albino with a pink tint)

I don’t think we will always name, but it’s nice for our “base crew”.


So far I’ve named all of mine. It’s just easier for when someone who doesn’t understand morphs (mom and husband who help me with them) can grab the one I’m asking for.


I’ll be naming all of mine, as I don’t plan to have a huge amount of reptiles. I’m the same as some of the above, and have names planned, as I have a very vague dragon theme going.

I would always name my cats as well, just because most that I’ve had actually responded to their names, and they would feel less like part of the family if they didn’t have a name.

To defend not naming my cat,. I trapped him at a factory I was doing work at in a live trap. He hated me for about 3 weeks and found a hole in the drywall and hid in there for a few good days. He’s about 3 now he comes and goes as he pleases, He has used a litter box about twice when I’ve had him in after surgeries. He goes outside to do his thing rain or snow. I’ll be half a mile down the road and see him in someone’s yard or 10 ft up a tree. When I see him or he sees me he gives me all he has. I love my cat, I meow at him and call him kitty man or Mr kitty or some stupid baby name. But he is just fine without a name he is more part of my family than he’ll ever know.

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I name all of mine, except for the reptiles that are about to be resold.

A few of my reptiles will respond to me by name. One of my Leopard Geckos always comes out when I call her name to look for food.

One of my ball pythons always responds, but sometimes decides not to cooperate. So if I call her and say, “Cleopatra, do you want to come out?” she’ll take some time to figure if she actually wants to come out. She’ll cooperate in coming out and then if she doesn’t she’ll find a way to hang onto something and say no. The others sometimes respond by name by flicking their tongues at me more rapidly than usual. They also know how to beg for food.

I mostly name mine after Gods and Goddesses/legendary figures. The snakes get named after mostly Gods and Goddesses and mythical figures. Cleopatra was a Goddess in her time. I try to hit the range where the animal usually comes from.

So Medusa Perseus Snake (I had her as a teen)
Adonis (I was going to name him Hephaestus, but he has an attitude unlike the Greek God, who was timid. Still trying to calm him.)
I haven’t found one for Hercules’ son… nothing I give to him seems to stick. (I need a lesser with a near to no alien heads for him–I think he could enhance that with his patterning.)

And for the geckos, I choose scientist names, because they are heroes.
Alice (Ball)

its beautiful but I actually believe that snakes doesn’t respond to u when you call them

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no hate but a snake named isis XDXDXD

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I named her before ISIS was a thing. Isis is an Egyptian Goddess of Rebirth and Life. Back then, Taliban was a thing. Since Ball Pythons were kept in Egypt and She’s a cinnamon… thus darker, I chose a Dark African Goddess, also probably because people often forget Egypt has black people in it… and there were a string of white people trying to play black people in films about Egypt.

Cleopatra pokes her head out and looks at me. But she’s also not typical of any of my ball pythons. And it’s often no one believes her behavior. She likes to greet the sun… which no other snake I’ve ever had does. She begs for food. She’ll resist going back into her cage–Look your hide. Her: No… you’re shutting me in. She squirms like crazy when I hold her. The only time she sits still is when she’s gravid. She also dislikes all of the substrate and will move it around. I put in a lay box for her once with a hide, and she’s there 24-7 because there is no substrate. It’s on the cool end. She resists the hot end, probably because I messed up when I got her, she dug down to the heat pad and got burned. Basically, she’s a boa with odd quirks. Oh, and she likes escaping her cage frequently. I had to put in extra measures to make sure she doesn’t. Sometimes she’ll escape, find me, and then periscope her head up, and flick her tongue at me, usually at night. She also flips her water bowl when she’s displeased with it. Like when it’s dirty because some substrate got into it and I haven’t noticed. Or it’s been hot and the water dried out and I didn’t notice. (I had a few really hot summers where most of the water dried out). She’ll also beg to be let out, mostly by rubbing her head against the top of the cage.

I know. You have to experience it to believe it. The oddest snake ever.

Isis is more like typical ball python. Goes off feed for most of the year, freak you out, ambushes her food from her hide, and if I pick her up, she’ll be like no. She’s also much shorter and winds back into her enclosure as soon as she sees the hide, no trouble. You are beneath her. Leave her alone.

Diametrically opposite in personality. The babies from Cleopatra tend to be better eaters, though. So who knows… Upside to Cleopatra is that because she has a yellow fade near her belly (though she’s a normal), her genetic line produces a yellow fade too (which is dominant), which brightens up pastels quite a bit and makes them appear more yellow, especially as babies. But her personality… quirky.

I don’t think it’s strange that you don’t name your animals. How many reptiles do you have and how many animals in all? Personally, I name every single one of my animals. But that’s my choice. I even name fish. Haha! But I know plenty of people who don’t name their animals. I’m just obsessed with rare and exotic names for my pets and my kids. After all, my name is Raven and I don’t like giving anything a boring name. :grin:


I’ve named all of my snakes “Kitty”; it just makes everything so much easier :wink:

Even though I named all our snakes I wonder how long we will have enough creativity to think of new names. The second to last we named Phina because we saw a gas station with that name on the road back home with her, and the last Regina…I don’t think I have to explain why …python regius…Regina. wonder how we will call our next one…snake 1 or so :joy:

Now we recently started breeding ASF’s . My son said at least the breeders should have names… didn’t get furter then black ear, white, Butt Stain and Big Eye. Then White died…now we have White 2. Now the first babies are born I wonder how long he’s going to keep up…I asume not to long … :grin:


I’m getting a Hognose snake here within the next year or so! As I’ve looked through the forums on here, I havent seen anyone talk about what they named their reptile. As I’m stuck on what to name my future hoggy, I’ve come to you guys! Show off your pet reptiles and give us their names! Do they have a reason they’re named what they are? Are they a certain morph? Tell us all about your scaly friend!

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This is my giant day gecko, Car Insurance. His name is based off of the geico gecko because they’re the same species. I’m showing him off because he’s definitely my most popular gecko, both on here and out in the world even though I’ve only had him since February. He’s a normal morph, giant days don’t have many morphs in general, I’ve seen high crimson and blue blood and that’s about it


Picking out a name is definitely part of the fun of getting a new reptile for me! My current snakes are named Mango (the name his previous owner gave him and I liked it), Clover (she’s a soft pink snake with a sweet personality), Caspian (bright red snake with a nasty attitude), Gertrude (an old lady snake who needed an old lady name), and Feldspar (a beautiful speckled gray snake who needed some sort of rock or gem name).

This was added to this thread by a staff member so sorry if the wording seems out of place!

I think all our animals/reptiles/amphibians here have names but the 2 mournings and the dart frogs (colons) (oh and the koi and tropical fish, though a few koi have names! Shagoi the Chagoi, Bonnie, Cow, Alien and liquorice). Also I don’t name my hatching cresties unless holding back as I get too attached then :joy:
I can’t not name my animals though as feel mean they’re nameless haha.
I have 3 dogs, Paisley, Poppy and Zelda.
1 guinea atm- Morpeko.
2 quails atm- Dotty and Dorothy.
William the williamsi.
Hideyoshi the banana royal.
Bee the southern toad.
Shiro the albino giant African land snail.
Red the Panther chameleon.
Norma Jean the hermans tortoise.
Jimin the sulcata.
3 fat tails- Grandpa, Gigi and Taiga.
10 male Cresties- Kaneki, Haise, KJ, Corpse, Spike, Harold, Naruto, Beast Boy, Mushu and Greg.
15 female Cresties- Big Mama, Akira, Dolly, Rose, Crackers, Harley, Penny, Cherry, Pumpkin, Zombie, Lilo, Boo, Hetty, Clementine and Starburst.
Couple holdbacks yet to be named as not sure who’s staying. But that’s all mine atm :joy:
God knows how I remember them all!