Need a little more help identifying Crested Geckos

Fertile eggs will have a red ‘cheerio’.
So if they all have that then they’re all fertile.
What does other egg look like inside you found?


@ghoulishcresties To be honest I cant really tell on the other one. The shell seems pretty thick compared to all my other eggs. It does have a pinkish color but very hard to see through. It does seem to have views. I’m going to try a brighter light to see if that helps. My phone just cant seem to penitrate this one very well.

Are you saying that basically it’s mostly ‘black’ but with a couple spots or a spot you can see through?


Hard to explain lol I never had this with any of my other reptile eggs. I will try to candle and send you a pic tonight in pmsg since my last pic was flagged for off topic :slight_smile:

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Yeah not sure why that was :sweat_smile:
I can view it though by clicking so god knows what’s wrong with it?