Need Help finding out what genetics or breed my python is

My boyfriend just passed away and I can’t remember what he said our snake was breed or genes. Can someone help me figure it out. I would greatly appreciate it. I think he said she was a spot nose yellow belly but can’t remember please help

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I am sorry for your loss. Though I cannot tell what genetics are at play with this BP. Here is a guide to use so we can have a better chance of figuring it out.

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I put some more pics up maybe they are better take a look and tell me what you think she is please

He bought her off this site. I really want to know what she is breed and genetics please anybody

When did he buy her? What year? If you can give me that I might be able to find the listing of her.

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Approximately 6 to 9 months ago.

if he bought her off the morph market site you can just look at the old messages and it will tell you the genetics and who you purchased her from.


I was thinking that, but maybe they don’t have access to his account. I couldn’t find the listing of her despite going through every yellow belly listing in that time frame. I don’t see spot nose in that animal from the pictures though.

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No I believe he said she was yellow belly. And I don’t have access to his profile.

It is hard to tell from the picture, but my guess would be normal (or possibly yellow belly). I second what @ashleyraeanne said and do not see any spotnose

I am so sorry for your loss. I see it as a YellowBelly. A picture of it’s belly will often help identify as well. Regardless of it’s genetics it is a beautiful animal.

I do not see spotnose. They have a crazy head stamp, which this snake does not have. Yellowbelly or normal

Sometimes breeders send info cards or write it on the bag it came in. I would look for that stuff