Need help identifying cornsnakes

Lavender then? I’m still learning a lot about idetenfying morphs when they look so similar. What makes it not a Motley?

Motley is a pattern morph, and if you compare that photo to those of normal corn snakes, you will see that the animal in question has the same pattern as a normal corn. What makes that corn snake different from a normal is the color, not the pattern. Lavender is a color mutation, as are albino, anery, hypo ect.

Ghost is actually not a bad guess. Some really nice ghosts can look like a lavender. I personally don’t feel experienced enough with the lavender gene to identify it from a ghost with 100% accuracy. When I was breeding corn snakes, I never worked with the lavender gene.


Ah okies gotcha. Didn’t realize Motley was a pattern thing. Thanks for the info!

Ok, the color is hard to tell but lavender or ghost are both possibilities. As previously mentioned, there isn’t any Motley there (pattern mutation). If there’s black in her, she’s probably ghost, if no black she’s probably lavender.

Yeah, the grey one looks like a charcoal corn, aka ghost. Not lavender.


I’m happy to at least be partially right with the ghost guess. Proves something is sticking with all this research I’m doing on corn morphs.


It’s really tough to tell! Based on those pics she doesn’t look like either of them to be honest. I wonder if she could be a mix? I’ll see if the sun decides to come out at all today to get another picture in sunlight. These days it’s been super cloudy though so it might be hard.

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Please try! If nothing else take her into a bathroom or kitchen and get a Pic there. Those rooms tend to have tons of light even if not natural

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That’s a great idea! You’re totally right, my kitchen has tons of light. I took pictures in there. Hopefully this helps. She seems to be a grey/light tan color with brown inbetween.

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Charcoal is not another name for ghost. Charcoal is a single gene, sometimes called anery type B, that is not compatible with Type A anerys. Ghost is a combination of Type A anery and hypo.


What is granite again. Isnt it Anery B with something…?

Is there any yellow in the snake at all around the head/neck area? I’m still not sure what they are. Anery or charcoal is my new guess…

Granite is anery A with diffused. It’s not a granite.

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Also, it is too light to be a single gene charcoal.

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It’s a stumper to be sure. Unless it’s just straight Anery. But to me it looked to brown? Not enough yellow around the head?

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It is also too light to be single gene anery. It’s probably a lavender, or maybe a ghost. Probably lavender.

Didn’t know lavender could be so brown though. That’s crazy. Guess the morph name comes from how they look as babies more than adults then

Actually, they are even more brown as babies. It’s just variation from individual to individual

Haven’t had much work in the gene, obviously since I’m still new at this, and haven’t seen much of it either. Only seen pics online and it is such a mixed bag of what I’ve seen. Thanks for the info!

Lavenders start out brown and gain the lavender as they grow. It is a form of anerythrism. There are at least five seperate, Non-compatible corn morphs that are a form of anerythrism. The ones I know of are anery (A), charcoal (B), lavender, caramel, and a fifth one that some people used to call “z” but is now called by another name I don’t recall.

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