Need help identifying cornsnakes

So recently a guy came to me because his father passed away and left him with snakes he didn’t know anything about. I offered to take them in and with a bunch of ball pythons, which I am really familiar with, were two cornsnakes. Now I have done a lot of research to give them proper habitats and the guy said they were in brumation when he gave them to me. What I don’t know still is anything about corn snake morphs. I am hoping I can get some advice. I was told one was lavender and the other was “red something” I am thinking maybe red factor? But I am not sure.

Any help is absolutely wonderful and lovely! I should note these are pictures of the tanks they came to me in. :slight_smile:


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The top one looks like an Okeetee corn. Sometimes corns also get referred to as Red Rat snakes so maybe its that. They are cute snakes though.

It does look like an Okeetee! It could very well have been called a red rat snake for all I know. Could the bottom one be a lavender? I’m still trying to figure that one out too lol. They are super beautiful snakes and fully grown too. I am so happy to have them in my collection!

So upon checking other websites the bottom one almost looks like a Miami to me, what do you all think though?

Top is indeed Oketee. The other needs a better full body shot. Miam’s have distinct markings and fading… Hard to see in that pic.

Definitely not a Miami, they have red or orange saddles. It’s probably a lavender, but that pic is pretty bad.

Thanks everyone. I will try to take a better picture when I get back home later.

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Also, I agree that the first one is an Okeetee type. And a nice one.

+1 for Okeetee and I’m looking forward to seeing better pics of the other. I lean toward lavender as well.

I hope this picture works better.

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So cute :heart_eyes:. Nice snake

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I’m gonna say Lavender or Ghost Motley. Do you know how old the snake is or a general ball park of sub adult or adult?

Not exactly sure on the age but I was told both of these snakes bred last year so I would say they are both adults.

Thanks so much for all the help guys! I have taken them out of brumation, slowly bringing the temps up, and they both took a mouse yesterday. Pretty eagerly too!

You plan on breeding since you had them in Burm?

I’m thinking about it at least. It might be cool to raise one of the babies, if the female is a lavender, to breed back to the lavender a couple years from now. Produce some possible lavenders. Most of my experience is with ball pythons so this is a fairly new adventure for me. There is a lot of great information about the corn snakes though!

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Honestly I think if you’ve got experience with balls you should try corns at least once. They are such amazing characters as tiny babies and I never get tired of watching my own baby girls, I’m growing up to breed, eat what seems to be an impossible meal of a mouse pink.

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Alright I will try it! I am quite excited to keep at least one baby to grow up myself. I’ll admit I was a little shocked at how big they get, usually you only see the small babies at stores and I never knew anyone with a corn. I guess I figured they were always a small type of snake haha. Plus I have read they are not quite as picky with food as balls so that would be a nice plus! Haha.

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My advice is to grow whoever you keep fast and switch to rats. By my boys first year they were happily pounding rat pinks. Still are to this day a year later. We are just about to move up to what should be the largest size rat they will need to eat. Corns can be picky babies. Some want privacy, others want their food really really hot, others will gladly take whatever you shove in their tiny face.

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Really good to know! I am starting to breed rats now. I already breed mice and African soft furs.

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That’s not a motley.