Need help identifying this ball Python

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And his belly is completely solid blood orange, the picture isn’t picking it up that good but his belly is solid orange/Red,

I know he’s Lesser but what else? his belly is solid red/Orange and a bright solid red/orange the picture isn’t picking it up that good

What was the pairing

That belly :star_struck:! It’s amazing!

Cinnamon Lesser

Do you have a better photo of the head stamp?

I don’t know the pairing a local pet shop has him but they have him listed as lesser YB and I know that’s not right other than the lesser but his orange red belly is more than just lesser

I don’t but I’m gonna go back to this local shop where he’s at and I’ll get a picture of the head stamp

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Its not clear enough. when you take more pictures try setting him on something instead of holding him

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Can someone help me ID this? The belly is solid red/orange and bright

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how long have you had it, maybe its going into shed. I have seen this color on my pastel specter when she is going into shed.

This is her true color

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