Need help with identification!

I bought her one year ago, not for breeding but just to have bp. Now i changed my mind and have 5 more ball pythons in my house and i know their morphs but im not sure about her. Can anyone help? Im thinking it may be vanilla enchi but i may be wrong im only one year into ball pythons and many breeders in my country tell me i shouldnt breed her becouse i dont know her morph. And sorry for poor language, english is not my main language.

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Not the best pictures for identification. If you could provide pics like outlined here it would help:

That said, I do not see Enchi in this animal. I could possibly see Vanilla or some other gene in the BlkEL complex, but would want better pics before I commit to any identification


my first thought is vanilla as well

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Are those any better? I don’t have good camera in my phone tbh :smiley: .

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They are a bit more helpful

Can you get a clear pic of just the head? Both top and side view

Sorry for late reply, i had no time at all :sweat_smile: .

Nice head stamp, my advice would be starting a breeding project with known morphs from reputable breeders and keep this one as more of a pet. Personally i don’t mess with the breeders and consider a male normal as my pet, or snake i regularly handle. You could breed her to try and prove out the vanilla as well. What ever you choose good luck.

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No need to apologize, we all have our lives outside of this place (plus, I never log in on weekends :grin:)

Definitely not Enchi.

No real change to my above other than that. Could be BlkEL complex, could be just a light/aberrant normal. Breeding it out would prove it but if you are happy just to have a unique snake then do not stress over the need to breed :+1:t4:


My money would be on this. That doesn’t appear vanilla to me.


she’s a spider combo of some sort it looks like!

Thank You all for help, i will just try to breed her with my pastel yellow belly male. Maybe something interesting will come out :rofl: .