Need help with morph of ball python

Okay so we took in a ball python someone couldn’t take care of and I’m trying to figure out the morph seems how no one can agree on it I will post pictures of the snake alone then by my other 3 because one thing we all keep going back to is a normal and I’m about to find some a new home and was trying to figure out for sure what morph before I just let it go

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It looks like a normal imo.

See thats what I was thinking and another reason I wanted to find it a new home so thought I would ask before hand because of how crazy different it looks lol I have 4 of them pretty much look the same this one is crazy different making us second guess it

Normals are all over the place visually!!! I’ve hatched some that were wild looking. Thought something was going on with them. Fast forward a couple years breed them and in fact they are normal lol.

Yeah I’m trying to clear them out most have been given to me but I need room for the ones I want to have in my collection

I’m going to go against Shaun’s guess here (though he is infinitely more qualified here) and say this is at least Pastel, maybe Yellowbelly Pastel.

The alien heads connecting over the dorsal, the Js and the Os…

Any chance you can get us some better pictures?

Here is a Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help


Kind of reminds me of my pastel vanilla het VPI axanthic male — at least the pastel vanilla part anyways. Better pics would definitely help.

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Definitely no vanilla there.

Best Pictures I could get this one isn’t very friendly at all he hates anyone touching him


Sorry can’t get no pictures in natural light I’m super sick and would need assistance due to medical issues

I’m going to go with @eaglereptiles and think it’s a browned out pastel


Yeah, looks like a pastel. My boy has more yellow retained in him from the vanilla, I can see the difference now!

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