Need help with second opinion on morph IDs,

First clutch and I want to make sure I’m accurate. The pairing was a Black Pastel Mojave Pied X Black Pastel Pos. Het. Pied. The was a super black that didn’t survive, but here are the other 6. Thanks for any help you all can give me!

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You may want to consider this Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help


1 black magic 2 black magic 3 black pastel 4 black pastel 5 black pastel 6 normal and I would say your poss het was not a het.


Thanks! That’s exactly what I thought and I agree 100% about the female not being het. At least I know that with the male being pied that these are all hets.


My super blacks and cinny didn’t make it either besides the grey matter I hatched. First year I tried I lost 3 total. I’ve been told lower incubation temps help. Might try that. I love the black Magic’s one of my favorite morphs!


I’m with you on trying the lower temps, but unfortunately it didn’t help for me this time. I cooked these at 86 and the super black was still horribly kinked.

Ok wow you were already down quite a bit from were I incubate at. This discouraged me I see so many people hatch them out. I wonder how many they lose to get those. Next year I’m going to do gargoyle stuff. Not sure if I’ll try super blacks again.

I want one badly. They are beautiful