New babies. What do we have here?

Well we have a new set of babies! Our mojave female and normal male are a bit of a mystery. Both may have a little something else in their genetics, which we don’t fully know. Our mojave is a fairly monochromatic brown. The normal is as expected with just a slight pattern disruption. Mama laid 4 eggs in her own enclosure that she incubated on her own. 3 hatched and one died just before full term. They are gorgeous, and I am wondering of the blushing up the sides and much higher degree of yellows (neither parent has ANY) give more clues to lineage. Our mojave may be a pastave. Give me your best guess what we have here…


Here is mama


For identification I would recommend that you use this guide for the best results. They are beautiful babies. And can you post pictures of dad too?

Here is dad. Nothing noteworthy but he was originally reported to be het pied and female when I got him! Haha. Your guess from here is as good as mine!

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