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So this is my first season breeding ball pythons! I am trying my best to make a name for myself with advertisement on instagram (with the small amount of animals i do have) and i was wondering besides that, what other ways are there to get your name out there and also what other places besides morphmarket can you advertise and sell your snakes? I have yet to create a morphmarket sellers account due to me not having any hatchlings to sell, however i do have a female who is due to lay tomorrow. I also want some input on how and where i get a logo made or something that allows me to make my own. The company i currently work for has connections for t-shirts and business cards so as soon as I can get a logo made I can start with all that as well. Id really appreciate some input from you guys on here.


Hi, welcome to the family :blush:

You can find some useful info in these threads:

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You can pay a artist to put you one together, we actually have one or two on here that may reach out to you through messages.

You can download a logo making app, but these usually have some hidden fee somewhere unless you are paying for a “premium” version of the app.

Or you can download some drawing software and have fun. I made mine on Autodesk Sketchbook which is a completely free app on the Play Store (I’m not sure about other app stores)


Hello caden300. I am also a first season breeder. I have a fellow friend who is an amazing artist who is working on a logo for my hobby to be business. I am unsure how many snakes you have but I started out with 2 adults 1.1 and 6 babies 3.3. I have several pairs for future breeders. Good luck in your endeavor! I hope you have a bountiful clutch!


Advertient is key from what I’ve learned. Making an eye catching ad and/or logo will drawn people in. Short but informative descriptions of your products or services.

Making things short, sweet, and to the point helps. Generally making something to draw eyes to you or the ad and then letting the consumer’s eyes do the work.

Catch phrases are fun, especially if they are easy to say and memorable. If you look at food ads generally they’ll have a catch phrase with the logo. Mcdonald’s “I’m loving it” Arby’s “we have the meats” ect.

Product wise, making sure you go for quality not quantity will help you in the long run. While you can breed all day every day and get as many hatchlings as you can, if they aren’t good quality people won’t buy them. So having a good starting breeding stock to start will help. Along with how well you care for them. Healthy animals live longer and produce more, so make sure your husbandry is good to go before actually going to breed.

Looking at pricing, look at ads of others. If someone is selling a yb pastel for $1000 , but the rest are about $250, you’re going to want to charge around the majority price range.

Those are the things I’ve gathered from reading on the forum and doing ads for art myself. Hope some of it helps.


I actually just got done reading the ‘trouble selling’ thread. It had a lot of useful tips and points, I will make sure to read the others when I get home later. I will make sure to check out those logo apps and would be totally willing to pay someone to design me a logo as well. I appreciate it!


If I could maybe get your friends info I would be willing to pay them to design me a logo! I currently have 2.2 adult breeders 0.2 juveniles who are just about to hit that 1500g mark and 1.3 babies. All in a c-serpents 10 level v-70


I have been trying to come up with a phrase but haven’t thought of anything to clever. I’m also thinking about getting a high end camera to really capture the beauty of my hatchlings when I have some to sell. I’m also not breeding single gene stuff, I have some clown combos and ghost pied stuff that I will be working with


I will reach out to him and see if he can take you on I will advise as soon as I can.


I contacted my buddy. He has not responded just yet as he is busy. Just letting you know I have not forgotten about you.

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Hello sir. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. He is pretty busy but he shared a site with me that I have not heard of before. It’s called Fiverr. It’s where you can hire an artist cheap to do what you need done…


@chrisj228 Sent you a message with a bunch of links. Not sure how the mods feel about YouTube pages, FB pages, and other group contacts being posted in threads. Good luck, let me know if I can help.



If you want another opinion the graphic artist I have used in the past for tshirts and twitch emotes is really easy to work with lmk if you want any other options!

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@caden300 Sent you a message with a bunch of links. Not sure how the mods feel about YouTube pages, FB pages, and other group contacts being posted in threads. Good luck, let me know if I can help.


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