New CODOM Gallium [DONE]

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**Species: Ball Python
**Name of Gene: Gallium
**First produced by whom: Sloan Reptiles
**Year First Produced: 2009
**Genetics Type: Incdom/ CoDom
**In complex with other genes?: None that we are aware of
**Other names/aliases for it?: Mercury
**Description: The Dark pattern on the Gallium is bold with clean alien heads most of the time. It seems to add a melting affect and boldens the pattern. What we believe to be the super on its own is very bold dark pattern with and almost ashy look. Mixed with Phantom it seems to melt and almost make the animal look like an angolan

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head: Usually has a head spot with neck stripe break in the single gene
  • Body: Emboldened pattern with clean alien head and dark blacks
  • Belly: Clear with Tracks and usually a ringer
  • Tail: Usually a slight ringer

Proven Lines:
**Related Genes:**Nothing we know of

Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? Super and many single gene animals and combos
Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? We have yet to see anything that looks similar and the simple combos so far are very clean compared to alot of the “New Genes” we see

Problems: Any problems? None that have happened
History: The history behind its discovery? We acquired a WC Male in 2008 that we thought was unique looking. we hatched clutches from him starting in 2009 where we got mostly females. We did try a cross until 2011 with one of the daughters. That produced a Phantom Spider Gallium and more single gene females. We put the project on the back burner for a few years with all the heldback females and some crosses we thought were Gallium but we wrong (Spider being a more prominent gene back then) We didn’t produce another male combo until 2019 when we hatched a Phantom Gallium Male. We also found out in 2019 that some of the Galliums are Het Pied. So in 2021 we hatched eggs from Phantom Gallium to Gallium for the first time and got pieds and phantom galliums. In 2022 is when we have hatched the best and most consistent Gallium to Gallium clutches with many new combos. Plus what we believe to be the Super
Single Gene

Believed Super

Super Gallium Phantom

Super Gallium Phantom with Gallium Phantom

Gallium Fire Het Clown Subadult

Gallium Pastel Het Pied Subadult

Gallium Phantom Spider Subadult

Gallium Fire YB Het Lav poss Het Pied

Gallium Black Pastel Het Lavender Poss Het Pied

Gallium Black Pastel Next to Black Pastel

Gallium Orange Dream YB Het Lavender Poss Het Pied