New gene found in Goniurosaurus Hainanensis

I call the gene LINQS and I believe it to be incomdom.

I have bred it out to F1, and have provided this season counts below.

The gene produces aberrations in the pattern of the g. Hainanensis. Connecting bands, increasing pattern, and aberrations through body and tail.

Current hatchling counts this season. Keep in mind that I am almost exactly halfway through hatch season.

P Generation ( LINQS male x unrelated normal female )
Normals - 4 /+2?
LINQS 4/-2?

Two of the hatchlings from the p gen have very minimal aberrations, and could appear to be normal. Then again, it may be impossible to tell the normals from very low expressing geckos until you breed them.

F1 ( LINQS Male x low expression clutch mate )
Poss Supers-2

The clutch mate has very low visual expression of the LINQS gene. At first glance she appears normal. The small aberrations that you can visually see, can be chalked up to normal aberrancy’s that can occur due to environmental factors during incubation or other factors.