New gene - vudoo! [DONE]

Ball python
Name of Gene: Vudoo
First produced by whom: Bobs balls - Bob Vu
**Year First produced - 2018
** co-dom gene with proven super
In complex with other genes?: unknown
Other names/aliases for it?: none
Description: granite type gene that reacts strongly with lucy complex combos

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head: regular
  • Body: granite type and dark
  • Belly: regular
  • Tail: usually striped tail pattern

Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? Compared to other “similar” genes like nanny the combos looks much different. The clown is much more extreme and the lucy complex combos all look different

Problems: Any problems? None found
History: The history behind its discovery? Found from an import shipment by Outback Reptiles


Gorgeous looking snakes. Is the first one the super and the last two the single gene?
Loving the vudoo mojave looking pair and that crazy pattern on the 2nd.


Vudoo super is definitely different from other granite type supers (photo 1) and the outcome combined with other more common genes also react differently as you can see from photo 2, there is intense pixelation.
The clown version is absolutely amazing as well (not pictured)
I notice with the head a bit more blushing towards the back, also note the keyhole attributes to the dorsal, especially the more expressed single gene version.

Congratulations to Bob on his new gene :tada:


This is really funky. The Super really looks like its stolen a garter snakes pattern.

:speak_no_evil:… Bob, you have been neglecting us over here! I think its fair to say you have a great fanbase on this forum and we’d love for you to post more regularly :wink:

Whats the history here @bobvu
When did Outback import this?
When did you take it on?
What was the first couple of pairings?

Also, What is in these combos?