New Morph? The Wrecking Ball Project

Can’t wait to see a female with some serious weight, that’s gonna be hot.


Wow, these are awesome looking. I remember at the Raleigh Repticon when we spoke, you guys said you had some cool stuff hatching soon! These are awesome, congratulations!


Very cool. We hatched some very similar from one of our Pied projects.

And this holdback from last year.

Can’t wait to see what else you produce from these!


great looking animals. I would love to see what you produce with yours as well.

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is there another morph in your project besides the pied? One of the offspring looks hypo.


Wow ! I love them all. Very interested to see how they look after a year or two. Even still amazing animals.

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Yes. These oddballs came out of our Ghost Pied pairings. The hypo with the “melted” pattern is unlike any other we’ve hatched and lots of people thought she was a Redstripe. This entire clutch was produced by a pair of completely normal double het Ghost Pieds.

There is definitely something going on in your animals. They look awesome.

Thanks for getting back to me. i was just curious if there something else going on with yours, i like the look of the “melted” looking pied. Amazing looking babies in that clutch

How are these guys growing?

they are doing great. I was trying to update this but for some reason i can’t get my pics to upload :woman_shrugging:

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Not sure if this will work

I’m not 100%, but if you were trying to update the original post then I’m sure there is a limit on how long a post can be edited.

If you mean just post them as comments then im not sure why they wont upload.
Make sure you have them downloaded to your actual device rather than trying to upload them from a cloud service such as Google Photos.

Edit: nope, it won’t let me post pictures to this thread either :thinking:

yep was just trying to add them here in the comments. weird not sure why maybe i will have to start new post and link it to this one???

Yeah the link works :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
The colour is still popping.

Any new ideas on what’s going on? There is a noticeable difference between these two…


A update thread would be nice. And if we ever work out what’s the problem here we can just merge the two threads.

so the new gene we are still working on is adding all the oranges and adding to the crazy patterns. The one on the left looks to have fire in it as well. They are definitely holding on to the orange colors and staying crazy bright way more than any fire pied i have ever seen. These are some others that are from the wrecking ball gene.



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Man, these look amazing! And so bright still after so many sheds?? Wow. Have you an idea on what kind of gene it is? Recessive, dominant, or co-dom ect?

Did you only produce pied versions of these guys? would be interesting to see what the new wrecking ball gene looks like by itself to see how much differently it reacts with pied.

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