New Morph? The Wrecking Ball Project

I thought it was just a new line of pied from what I read.

@ashleyraeanne well from what I have gathered the original specimen was a interesting dinker with no added genes. Would be interesting to see this new gene added into others.

@nathan_e They made hets and other pieds with it, and said they are trying to prove it as a new line of pied.

It is still a new line of pied, but just compatible to other pieds.


yes it is technically a “new” line of pied, we just are going to bother with naming it. The wrecking ball gene itself is incomplete dom.

Here are a few more things we have added to the wrecking ball gene this year.
we bred our firefly yellowbelly wrecking ball x spotnose the others are from same male firefly yellowbelly wrecking ball x killer blast


Flat out…what you have will change morphs, hold on tight to it! Market it! It’s different and new for sure!


Mix it with Axanthic and black pastel, it’s gonna be cool!

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both on the list for sure to add :wink:

Thanks i really appreciate it!

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That is a beautiful clutch!