New Morphpedia 💻 Article: Indy Boa Morphs are here!

The Indy Morph is here! :star_struck:

First bred in Italy from the awesome @boaline team and sourced in the US from our good friends at @beyond_genetix, the Indy Morph is new, strong and beautiful! Meet OI (Indy), Gizmo (Hypo Indy) and Paulie (Motley Indy) with more to come….

And until then, rock on :sunglasses::metal: … and be excellent to each other … :two_hearts:

(And ps…. BIG thank you :two_hearts: as well to @eaglereptiles @lumpy @mattcookreptiles and the whole MM team who helped us get this set up on the Market! We couldn’t do any of this without you :+1:!)


This is awesome, what beauties!


Thank you for sharing but most of all thank you for the “be excellent to one another” statement! :heart_eyes::heart::+1::snake::wink::frog:


Aww thanks @caron! We are big B&T fans. We are both solidly #genx (born 1961-1981 depending on the source, but we like the NatGeo one below)… which is another reason why we are SO excited about the Indy morph!!!

Grunge/Indy Music Labels/Indy Everything/DIY Fashion/Alternative - being Indy - was what our generation was/is all about :sunglasses::metal: We are few (statistically, we really are the smallest generation!), but we are fierce!

(And to correct my movie quote paraphrasing above…

"be excellent to each other… and PARTY ON, DUDES!:

#iamgenx #wearegenx #realitybites


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One more note we wanted to post:

The interesting thing about the Indy gene is the way it interacts with hypo and pattern morphs. As shown here in this Hypo Indy Motley, it creates that very cool extreme striping:

(As you may be able to tell, we are just a tiny bit excited about this new Indy project :nerd_face::+1:)


Now that is awesome! Full striped boa looks amazing.


I can certainly understand your excitement! Your snake is absolutely a beauty! Since I live just south of Indy I love the name of the project! :heart::snake:

Thank you for clearing up that statement! Lol! Bill and Ted by chance? Lol! :blush::upside_down_face:

Even though I have a few years on probably most of everyone here, I am still young in heart and spirit! Snakes are my passion (pets only). Even though I have a mix, boas by far are my favorites of all the snakes I have. But I have a couple of geckos that are pretty darn cute too!

However, retics fascinate me. Aside from that, all of you guys in this community have been amazing to me! And:

PARTY ON DUDE! :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::upside_down_face::confetti_ball::tada:🫢


@caron that is awesome, and thank you for the kind words!

We really do love this species and are super picky during the selection (and care!) process. And totally agreed about this community! That is what we love about it too: the support for each other and the true love each person has for their animals :two_hearts:.

(And regarding age: I TRULY believe it is just a number and we are “in” the generation with which we most identify! I would tag you as a Gen-Xer for sure :sunglasses::metal: You definitely have that rockin’ spirit!)

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@dsed Thank you! Yeah, this kind of thing is what we are trying to prove out with this project. Fingers crossed we can show some REALLY cool genetical :snake: results in the seasons to come… :sunglasses::metal:


@voodoomagicboas Now it’s MY turn to say Thank You for YOUR kind words!:heart_eyes::heart::snake::frog:

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Got to hype this project right here! Saw it in person, and my goodness was I taken back. Definitely not a jungle, just super gorgeous!


Pretty amazing right! Im definitely excited too see this develop further


@dsed @lumpy

Yesssssssss… :sunglasses::metal::metal:

With lots more to come… hoping we can get a cohort of folks who want to join in on “The Indy Initiative” as launched by VMB with the above mentioned Indy Morph credited to @boaline and originally sourced in the US by @beyond_genetix!

Our planned breeding trails are going to be REALLY interesting and the marketing will be VERY cool as well: international, friendly and fun.

Ie Aaron’s suggestion: make the shirts with the Italian flag on one sleeve and US flag on the other :smile:. And then we brainstormed other shirts with logos of everyone who has an Indy (and who wants to participate) … like a band tour or 5K shirt. :nerd_face:

Anywhoo, thank you for participating in this thread, all! Stay tuned with more to come with this and other VMB :green_heart::black_heart::purple_heart: projects tooo… (PS: We had this logo designed via an IG logo designer; this is an actual rendition of OI, our Indy girl!)


This is sick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:! I love the logo!


That looks amazing!


Oh. My. Gosh. That is a truly stunning snake! Love that big wide dorsal stripe with the patterned sides, and I love all the freckles! I’d love a boa like that. If that one goes missing, I definitely didn’t snakenap it. Honest. I swear.


@jawramik thank you so much!!! She truly is special. And although you can’t have this one (I’m not saying she’s lowjacked, but… :sunglasses:) our breeding plans will hopefully produce some stunners in the season ahead! I’m sure we’ll be updating everyone here a LOT with our progress as things move forward. Thank you for the support!! We appreciate the good vibes!! :metal:


Had some solid picture :camera_flash: time with our Indy girls today and wanted to post here to show the difference between the regular Indy the Hypo Indy and then the difference between two Hypo Indys :sunglasses::metal:. We are LOVING this morph!! Can’t wait for next year’s breeding pairs!!

OI, Indy

Tiramisu, Hypo Indy (named ‘cause they came to us via NC via Italy :it:

Gizmo, Hypo Indy (checking out our neighbors’ Christmas display the other morning during coffee time :smile:)


Loving Tiramisu! She is a gorgeous example! I love this project!


I seen the youtube video showing these off. I believe i seen these available on mm under the euro listings. Almost bought me some because they looked interesting.