New purchase not eating, rapidly loosing weight

That is way too hot. Water should be at 80-85 degrees for soaking


Keep in mind, you’re out there on the edge with this snake. You don’t want to do anything to stress it out more than you have to. I wouldn’t soak it in water above 90*.

@mattcookreptiles do you have any input on this situation


Gotcha again thankyou all. Soaks from now on will be in the 80-85degree range.


I would have answered sooner, but everyone here has told you the same thing I would have said.

The only thing I would change would be your high temp. 98 is too high. One or two days would be ok, but long-term exposure could cause overheating and cause death.

The few times I have done this over the years, I don’t go over 95 for a few days. Then keep it at 90 to 92 for a week, maybe 2 weeks at the most. But you need to make sure there is fresh water daily for him.

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That’s a great piece of advice none of us thought to give, thanks Tom.


I have been changing water daily or every other day if I forget.
Nightly 10-15minute soaks in 85-88degree water have been in place last 4 nights (except hot 98 bath first night)
Live rat pup was offered 3 days ago to no luck. Same defensive behavior. Less energetic it seems…

I just recieved the DaVinci boa supplement today.
I’m still curious advice on how to administer since he’s not eating website is not to discriptive.

Should I be attempting to dropper it into his mouth?
Ballornothing you mentioned using it in the nightly soak water? How much?


At this point I think assist feeding should be the next course of action. But wait to see what others think of that before trying it

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If it were me I would not assist feed at this point. @murdocksreptiles This appears to be a very sick animal and imho doesn’t have any appetite whatsoever. I know when I am ill the last thing I want to do is eat. Even offering food is stressing this animal.

I think the most important thing to do right now are the soaks as well as administering the product @ballornothing suggested. Hydration hydration hydration is essential.

Your vet can tube feed your snake with Recovery made by Royal Canin. Yes that is also stressful but calories are important after the hydration is accomplished, unless the snake eats on his own.

The is just an opinion of course. I surely hope this poor guy pulls through……


I would never assist feed an adult snake with no appetite. We have no idea what condition the gut flora of this animal is in. Continue hydrating the animal, offer food no more than once a week.

You run into similar situations with non feeding hatchlings and often a meal at the wrong time will cause excess gas buildup at best and death at worst.

It’s less effective as a soak because you’re relying on the animal to drink it so if you do that, double the dosage. As much as you’re hydrating the animal it may not drink it though. You can find some videos online that show you how to drop it down the snakes throat, similar to an assist feed but much less intrusive and shouldn’t disturb the digestive tract like a meal might at this stage. Mutation Creation has a video on you tube that shows how.

Right now the goal is to get the digestive tract “restarted” so the snake feels hungry.

Next time you try to feed it offer a live adult mouse. Do not leave it unattended with the mouse.


Something I had noticed is that when I pour the water slowly into the bowl and it makes loud splashing sounds, my boas drink nearly immediately. When I just take the bowl and change it out, I don’t. It might be something to try to increase the chance of him drinking for you.


I’ve actually noticed that with all my snakes. When I pour water into their bowl in the enclosure, they almost always come out and have a drink pretty much right away. I figure it’s some combination of the smell of fresh water and the splashing sound that gets their attention.


Kinda like rain falling is what I thought. I would love to see someone try to do a small scale study on that. It makes a lot of sense though.


Unfortunately, i have never seen any of my do this. I almost always add or refill this way. The only time i don’t, is when changing the container out. All mine are bp.