New retic set up

Hey about to set up a tank for my retic now I’m not using a bin I’ll be putting her in a tank. I’m seeing a lot of people doing bio active tanks was thinking of setting up a tank like this for my retic maybe not 100% bio active but pretty close to it. Also talking to other people it seems as young snakes they love to climb so I plan for this tank to be slightly higher so I can set up branches so she can climb and a nice area for her to swim with areas for basking and cool spots and hides spread out. I’m not new to snakes or reptiles just new to retics and would like to think what people with experience think thank you

Don’t waste your money right now. That retic is going to quickly outgrow that tank.

I already have the supplies at the house I don’t need buy anything. She is a 62.5 sd I know she will still grow quick but I’ll have some time .

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If she’s 62.6 SD then she wont grow quickly.

If I am not mistaken, she will likely cap out at about 8’. Retics are semi-arboreal so a slightly more vertical tank than you usually see for snakes would be incredible for her. I am kinda new, but that is my understanding of it.

Tanks are set up, they are all taller tanks so they can climb and do there thing. She will most likely get to the 12ft mark at the most and my male that I picked up a few weeks might stay around that size

Wait, murphy18, would a 62% SD retic still get to 12’? I myself am considering one but I thought 62%+ would be smaller?

The mom is just about 12ft so the breeder told me she has the potential of getting that size but it’s really not much bigger then a adult female true red tail boa. I personally believe a large female boa we feel like a much larger snake just due to thickness of the snake. I know there are much smaller sd retics out there but I really liked this girl when I saw her