Newbie Owner, BP Anal Prolapse :(

The mass he passed looked like it might have been dehydration that caused it. I haven’t heard of any morphs being more prone to them than others but Green Tree pythons are a lot more prone to them than most other species I know of.


5:55pm, will stop using time stamps now that the medical emergency has passed.

I want to say a personal thank you to everyone who read/commented on this, I was really shaken last night, and even with researching online I still wanted fast input from fellow snake owners. Glad I posted here.

I hope this thread can help others in the future!
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Sundae is still a bright and alert little fella despite his new vent accessory. I had read that vets will use stitches, but I wonder if since his was so big/severe they opted for a staple instead.
Vets told me that the staple should/will be removed after 10-14 days. For anyone interested, this will probably vary by state, the bill was $45.50.

Sundae is currently in his sterile recovery tub and will stay there for awhile. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him. I’ll come back to this post in a weeks time to give a small update. Thanks again y’all!

Now for pictures!


Nice idea to wear gloves. He’ll be in a completely sterile environment. I can tell you will be a good snake keeper in the long run since you are handling it well this early on


Thank you for the supportive words! I really did do as much prior research as I could before getting him (I’ve really only taken care of corn snakes)
But it goes to show that ya can’t be prepared for everything, and you learn something new everyday. ^^


@skeleslime I am so glad that he is recovering. We lost one to ventral prolapse a month or so ago. She was our first BP and we had gotten her from PetsMart(do not recommend) My vet told us that she most likely prolapsed to to poor breeding. She prolapsed twice in 24 hours and that is when we made the decision to let her rest pain free. Good job on taking him to vet and being a good snake owner! I hope he continues to recover well!


Corns! Glad to see someone else having corns with a single ball. And taking amazing care. I’m impressed :slight_smile: look forward to future updates and if you still have any corns some pics of them (in another thread of course) would be great.

Also vet looks like they did a solid job to. Everything looks spot on and clean. Think you’ll go back to them in the future?

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Very interesting i can honestly say i have never seen staples used to fix a prolapse, most vets use sutures. It will be interesting to see how it heals and how they remove them with any further damage.


You will have a hard time convincing most breeders to share bad experiences. Me personally I have no problem sharing issues I have or had have in the past. Anytime you have a large number of animals in a collection things will happen. And things happen in small collections as well. I don’t judge but a lot of people do. Learn from and share our mistakes and this can keep people from making the same ones. Nobody was born a reptile expert.


Maybe you are right on this one. But (always wondering) I don’t understand why people judge, because like people, animals get hurt and get sick too. It’s not an extraordinary thing. It’s just life.


I am so happy your snake is recovering.


Those look like a snaker version of kidney stones. Basically urates that remained in the kidneys for so long that they start to crystallize. Did this snake seem extremely dehydrated when you got him? That could be a cause, but also kidney disease is a possibility. I hope your vet ran labs on kidney function and a number of other things. This should not have happened. I am sorry.


He honestly didn’t look too bad when he first arrived aside from some stuck shed on the face. And of course he had access to a water dish everyday 24/7 for a whole week with me before the prolapse happened.

I wonder if he wasn’t being given enough/fresh water when he was at the breeders? <: (
I’ll never know, but if this happens again I will DEFINITELY be asking the vets to focus on any kidney issues.


RECOVERY UPDATE: It’s been 12 days since the vet visit, this morning Sundae had his vent staple removed.

Paper towels were changed daily over the course of the 12 days, fresh water always, Sundae still was his bright alert self throughout the weeks.
I DID notice though that the paper-towels had a yellowish urate discharge on them, which I’m guessing is from how the staple might’ve kept his vent slightly open.

He’ll be kept on paper towels for awhile more, I want to make sure he can safely pass his next meal. I also want to make sure that the discharge isn’t from an underlying problem.

Will come back to update after he’s had a bowel movement!


Glad he is doing well!


Thank you for updating us! Glad he is recovering so well!


So glad to hear he is recovering and still doing great. Please keep us updated on his progress. Best wishes


Glad he’s doing better. I’ve been watching this thread and keeping you in my positive thoughts.


Hey there! It’s been quite awhile but Sundae is doing great after that whole ordeal.

He has successfully eaten, gained back weight, shedded skin, and passed meals with no reoccurring prolapse. Bowel movements look typical with nothing weird about them. He’s well hydrated and hasn’t lost his usual curious nature~

I hope you’re all doing okay and staying safe, stay strong out there. :two_hearts:


Omg what a champ!! Congrats on a healthy snake now! Are you feeding size typical meals or sticking to something smaller? I’d be to paranoid about reoccurance with a large poo to pass.


Correct! He has been fed smaller meals, Sundae neglected a bigger sized meal when offered, which makes me think even HE doesn’t want to repeat what he went through lol.