Newbie Owner, BP Anal Prolapse :(

I apologize in advance if this isn’t the place or allowed but I just had a huge startle when I realized something was up with my BP after work.

This is definitely an anal prolapse, and I’ve seen pics before but NOT NEARLY AS LONG as his! I am extremely worried.

I’ve looked online that says warm sugar baths/a sugar paste helps with inflammation and such. I will be keeping him on moist paper towels and a sterile bin until further notice. It is nighttime right now so I can’t call a vet, I’ll contact ASAP in the morning.

This is my first BP so I’m very rattled. I only just got the little guy last Friday :cold_sweat:


Yikes! I’m sorry. Hopefully the vet can fix that up in the morning.

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Take the snake to a vet ASAP!!! make sure they have dealt with snakes and do not pick up the snake while transporting it. Keep it in the cage it is in and let the doc handle it. All you can do until then is keep the cage clean and provide water.

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You may want to look into whether or not there is an emergency vet in your area. This is not the kind of thing that can wait until morning.

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Thank you yes I will, I just called my local emergency vet clinic and they recommended the next town over because apparently their vets have more experiences with pet snakes. I’m crossing fingers they do, I’m calling them immediately in the morning.

Earlier I did call my local emergency clinic, unfortunately the snake vet I used to use no longer works there! I had no idea. :cry: I’ve been referred to another place nearby and they won’t be open until 8am.

Thank you for posting this. It teaches others a lot from their balls. So sorry though this happened :pleading_face:
Hope u got time to tell also what happened… Guud luck, and hope your snake gets better :gift_heart:


I really hope you the best of luck at the vets and as @halina said, thank you for sharing. It’s rare keepers share problems like this with the public communities out of fear of being bashed for bad care/husbandry… (that’s not what I’m getting at btw). This post will be extremely appreciated in the future by more than one snake keeper and may even save a few lives along the way.

Does anyone have any guesses as to what caused this and why?

What it’s the RIGHT NOW treatment/care that should be done immediately?

Should temps and humidity be altered at all to stabilise the animals condition while a vet is being arranged?

What method of treatment would a vet use, and what signs would let you know a vet has never worked on a prolapsed snake before?.. What treatment isn’t going to help?

What are the potential outcomes?

Please keep us updated :crossed_fingers:


The sugar water paste does work to shrink it down to be carefully put back in. This case is a more extreme prolapse then the one I dealt with. The longer it is out the more risk of drying out and contamination and infection. Biggest thing would be not to try to put it in while swollen cause if it ruptures it could bleed out. The vet would put in back in and should put a stitch to keep it from happening again. Cause could range from stress, genetics, eating too big of meal or just straining.


From my experience most prolapse are either due to dehyration or weak muscles around the cloaca.

So main thing is this bad of a prolapse should be seen by a vet, but until that can be done you have a few things you can do to keep it from getting worse.

  • Keep it wet: You don’t want the prolapse to dry out it will cause necrosis.

  • As @unkn0vvn1221 said a sugar water bath will help decrease some of the swelling, but it shoud not be left in the sugar water, it will cause mold very quickly.

The vet is going to try and push the prolapsed area back in a tack it with sutures to keep the tissues from pushing back out. Best would be to keep on paper towels once home and do not feed for about 2 weeks to allow the tissues to decrease in swelling and heal. After that start out with smaller meals so they don’t have to push as hard to defacate. And remember plenty of fresh clean water. Watch to make sure area stays clean and no redness or swelling is present. Handle as little as possible during this time.

Once a prolapse has happened it is a good likely hood that it can happen again if they animal does get dehydrated, so you will always want to make sure the animal has plenty of acess to clean water at all times.

I hope your little one gets better :slightly_smiling_face:


7:08 my time zone, UPDATE:
Woken up early to check on BP, his tub has remained warm and moist, his prolapse appears to have gone down in size just a bit. Still BIG though. He is still bright and curious which is good to see, not lethargic.

I am keeping the tissue wet in the meantime, vet phone lines open in one hour, will rush him to soonest snake experienced vet. THANK YOU ALL for the input and support!

Just some general info about my BP:
-Only about 5+ months old
-Have only had him for a week, haven’t personally fed him yet
-Had been kept in “new arrival quarantine tub” with 50%-60% humidity on coconut fiber with fresh water bowl + hide (hot spot 90-95) (ambient reptile room temp 75-80)

Found what I believe is the urate he was straining to pass???

Will continue to update!


If I were you I would contact the breeder or whoever you got him from and ask how they were caring for them, and if possible get a refund and send the snake back unless you want to deal with a snake with prolapse problems for the rest of the snakes life. As well as see if you can get them to pay for the medical bills since it wasn’t your care that caused this. Also, I would lower that hotspot to 88-90°F. Any higher than 90°F for too long can potentially cause issues with your snake. (Neurological issues being the one I am most aware of).


From my experience that is not always the case. Prolapse isn’t always a life long issue, unless it is caused by weak muscle structures, then with the proper adjustments in care the animal will be fine.

Temps closer to 100* and above for long periods of time will cause neurological issue


I also dont think it would help the snake to be sent back after it just had a prolapse right? I think the snake shouldn’t have to go through additional stress of being sent back


8:50am my time zone: UPDATE

Realized I never told anyone his name, this is Sundae, named after ice cream. :heart:

Called the next best snake vet, she’s had experience with BP’s and corn snakes, so maybe she’ll be my go-to once this is over, we’ll see how the clinic’s care goes.

Sundae has been dropped off for his checkup, I explained his short history with me and how I’ve kept the tissue clean and wet.

I have funds/a decent job so it’s no problem if he needs stitches/surgery. I just hope it’s a possibility and he has a chance, he’s healthy as far as I’ve seen aside from the prolapse.

Will update as news come up. Thank y’all for keeping him in your thoughts. Talk about a first time BP experience :sob:


1:38pm: UPDATE
Sorry this might be long but-
Just before I got in the door to my work the clinic called me back and gave me some GREAT NEWS! :star2:

The vet(s) were able to get Sundae’s prolapse BACK IN and it has been secured in place via medical staples so that it doesn’t pop back out.

I inquired about any medicine/follow-up care he’d need for any infection but they said he was healthy enough that it isn’t required at this time. Obviously if something comes up I’ll let them know.

Later tonight I will prepare a freshly cleaned tub, paper towel lined, clean hide, with proper temps, and his fresh water bowl.
He’ll be picked up once I’m done with work!

Later I will take pictures of him and share what his vent looks like.
Sundae will NOT be fed until at least 2 weeks have past as suggested.

I’m gonna do everything I can to prevent this from happening again, he’ll get smaller prey and of COURSE he’ll have fresh water each day.

Sundae is a Super Pastel Sugar Fire morph, I don’t know if his particular genes have anything to do with it? OR if he wasn’t given adequate water back with the breeder?

Either way I’m just relieved they were able to get all that tissue back in. :sob:


Glad he’s doing good! Please keep us updated further. If possible ld personally like to see his vent area and what the vets did. Didn’t even know prolapse in snakes was possible.


Glad to hear sundae is better. :grinning:

As far as i know there are no morphs that are more prone to prolapse.


I think breeders here should be posting more of these problems what comes along the way, just for the reason to teach people more of snakes. This was first time for me personally to see this. And thanks for this community again to ask all the right questions and for those who gave very detailed answers.
I really are starting to looooove this community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@skeleslime I am truly happy that you little fella is getting better now :revolving_hearts::snake::revolving_hearts:


It’s also sometimes possible if they lay eggs just like how egg binding is a possibility