Non-Responsive Sellers

The responsiveness rating describes how consistently a seller has recently responded to inquiries. For years, users have been able to see the responsiveness rating for a seller when they inquire, and more recently we’ve added it to the store page.

This is a great opportunity for breeders to shine, but our main goal is to manage the sellers who aren’t responding to most of their inquiries and create a bad experience for the buyers. If you miss or skip an inquiry every now and then we’re not talking about you. We are only talking about the bottom 2% of sellers of our 2000+ active sellers.

We have now created an automatic process for managing accounts that are unresponsive. This is in addition to the reminder emails which go out for inquiries several days after no response.

  • After becoming unresponsive, the seller will get a private warning notice on their inventory page. This should be highly visible to them and is useful in case they are not seeing our emails for some reason.
  • After one week, they will be sent an email notice.
  • After two weeks, the ads will be automatically expired.

Here’s what the notice on our site looks like. It even links to the exact messages needing a response.


If you find that your ads have been expired, it’s easy to renew them by just clicking on the green renewal icon on your inventory page. However, please work to address whatever communication issues led to the unresponsiveness, so that the users of our site can have a great experience.