Not a good day

Noticed one of my boys had upended one side of his enclosure so I took a look and he’d somehow gotten himself stuck in a place he could not get out of. I freaked out because he was limp and looked dead, managed to get him out and all I can say is this does not look good. I will not be posting pictures, I’m trying to think positive

Managed to get him out and he is, as of now, still with us. He’s got an emergency vet appointment in a while. I’m guessing bare minimum he’s got several rib fractures, he’s got some pretty significant deformation going on. My big worry is internal injuries, blood clots, or rhabdomyolysis. I am beside myself and will be redoing enclosures after this because I’m not risking this happening again.

I don’t know what I’m going to do if I lose him. He’s my special rescue boy, he was neglected and abandoned. If you could keep him in your thoughts, I’d very much appreciate it.


Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about that has happened. Would you be able to explain/ take pictures of the enclosure so we can see exactly what happened to try and prevent it happening to all of us in the future? Realistically how likely do you think it is he pulls through? I really hope he does as I know how much you love these animals. Hopefully it is just a couple broken ribs and nothing serious as it would be nothing too serious while we all still learn a lesson on how to prevent further injuries.

What are you doing with him right now? How long do you think he was there for? I am so sorry for all the questions I am just really worried about him and want to know what to do if something happens to Elmo or someone else (not trying to make about me. I get worried that is how it seems sometimes).

He is in the best possible hands right now so I have no doubt that he is going to make it!


It’s a rolling Sterilite bin enclosure, he climbed up into the little lip where the handle was and couldn’t get himself out. This was likely exacerbated by the fact that his enclosure is at the bottom of a stack and the plastic didn’t have as much give. It’s basically my fault and I feel terrible about it. I might go into further detail with photos after he’s seen a vet and I’m less all over the place emotionally. I’m not sure how well he’ll do, but right now he’s perking up and still active. I have hope that he’s gonna be okay because he’s a robust little man. I just want to make sure he doesn’t have any internal injuries or problems with his kidneys due to muscle damage.

Right now he’s in a travel bin with a hide until his appointment. I have no idea how long he was stuck but I didn’t hear any thrashing so I’m hoping that it wasn’t long and happened during the half hour I happened to be out of the house earlier. I’m trying to keep him as confined and still as possible so he doesn’t cause himself further injury.


They always find a way to get in places they shouldn’t. My salamander used to always get stuck up in the place it dips down in the handle so I just shoved some paper towels down and it seems to have worked. Since your enclosures have bigger handle holes them my 12qt bin, expanding phone that you cut flat would probably work well.

I am really happy to hear that he seems to be doing pretty well considering you found him limp!


We are at the vet, they just took him for x-rays. Thankfully the location was past most of the important stuff, and the vet is optimistic that it might just be some structural damage and he’ll bounce back from it. I will say, he has definitely continued to perk up, so I’m much more hopeful than i was initially.


Y’all…We might’ve squeaked by with the most minor injuries! He’s got NO broken bones whatsoever!! He’s getting antibiotics for a couple weeks and monitoring, but it looks like he’s gonna be okay!!


That’s great! Its horrible when our beloved pets give us a big scare like that!


Wahoo! I’m so happy to hear you got in so quick and he seems to be doing great! And no broken bones?! He is one lucky snake. First he gets to have you as his owner and then get out of this pretty much unscathed!


I’m glad to hear he sounds like he’s going to recover just fine! They are so hardy, even when it seems like a terrible situation. I once lost a baby and she got into the track for the sliding patio door and got run over by it when someone tried to open it. She looked in bad shape, but ended up making a full recovery with very minor scarring.

Keep us updated on how he’s doing! He might do well with smaller meals for a while as his bruising heals.


Thank you all so much for the kind words, when I found him he was limp and barely responsive, I thought he was done for. Big wakeup call and I will be going over every enclosure I have to look for similar areas so I can make them inaccessible. We’re back home and I’ve installed a temporary fix to his enclosure until I can make a run to the hardware store for real supplies after work.

The tech said when they did the x-rays, they were all amazed because they couldn’t even tell on the films where the injury even was. I don’t think I’ve been more relieved in my life, because the way he looked when I first found him I thought for sure he’d caused himself some serious damage. The antibiotics are to prevent any issues from lack of blood flow to the tissues & he’s got an open wound on his back. He managed to avoid pinching the vast majority of his lung, only got the very tip of it. I just have to monitor him for any continued tenderness or change in the texture of the area, but with luck, antibiotics, and time he’ll be good as new!

@solarserpents The vet did say it’s possible he’ll refuse food for a few weeks and to start back with smaller meals, and I’m totally on board. I’m just so happy he’s got a positive prognosis.


These are photos taken a few minutes after I found him, this was not as bad as it was when he was removed. When I first took him out, his belly was concave at the pinch point and even more deformed. I’ll get new photos in a while, he’s looking even more normal now.


Oh man Jess! I am soooooooi very sorry that this has happened to one of your sweet noodles! First, this was an accident even though you feel you have to redo your enclosure system. No matter how careful we are In everything we do in keeping our reptiles things like this happen anyway. The fact that you have been able to get an emergency vet appointment is a huge blessing.

That being said, and no matter what happens, you have a whole host of people here who support you 1000 percent and I am one of them. I am sending much love :heart: to you and positive thoughts. We will all help you through this difficult time Jess. :pray::heart:


Well I suppose I should have read all the posts before I posted my first response! Lol! But I was so shocked and wanted to send my best to you asap!

The fact that this guy has literally survived this trauma is extraordinary. He is one tough cookie you have there! It’s times like this that make this forum so unique from all others. The people here truly care about one another and we are ready to comfort, console, and support each other at a moment’s notice!

God bless you Jess and keep the updates coming…… :pray::heart:


I gave Mr. Cuddles his first dose of ceftaz and got some new photos. His ribs have returned to their normal position, for the most part. He is looking pretty swollen in the immediate area, but I’m hoping the fact that it is so localized is a positive thing. He’s moving great, no issues there. Now it’s just treat, monitor, and wait.


Just realized I never posted an actual photo of the noodle hisself, sooooo…

Not the most color accurate (darn lighting) but he’s such a handsome fellow I had to share.


Woohoo Mr Cuddles! Hopefully the swelling will subside quickly. I am so thankful that he is not in danger health wise. Maybe snakes have nine lives as well? :thinking::sunglasses:


I mean, to say he’s not in any danger wouldn’t exactly be true. While his prognosis looks good, there could still be life-threatening complications that pop up. Specifically because we don’t know how long he was stuck, the damage to the tissue & muscle could cause it to die. One of the known issues with muscle damage is a condition called Rhabdomyolysis. The damaged tissue releases myoglobin and other electrolytes which can then damage the kidneys. I’ll be giving him soaks to keep him as hydrated as possible, hoping to protect his kidney function.


Oh my Jess I didn’t realize the complications that are still looming! But we will only think positive thoughts. I know he is getting the best care from you :heart:


Fingers crossed nothing pops up and the preventative treatments work. He’s still just the same boy, slithered into my shirt and made himself comfortable when I gave him his injection, so I’m gonna take that as him doing his best to put me at ease.


That’s so sweet! Mr Cuddles is living up to his name and I firmly attest to the fact that he knows you rescued him and you are doing the very best to heal him! He knows! :+1: