Old fart hobbyist breeder finally joining MM forums

Hey everybody! I’ve been a long-time member on Faunaclassifieds (since 2005, username snowgyre) and finally decided to pull the trigger on these forums. I’ve been a MM member for a while now. I’ve been a small hobbyist breeder of ball pythons for the past decade, and before then I worked heavily with leopard geckos. I only produce a few clutches a year.

I live in south Georgia (USA) and work as a wildlife professor at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. If any of you guys have weird wildlife questions feel free to ask, trust me, there’s very little I haven’t already heard. I will warn you though, if you do an internet search for me I am not the porn star, don’t click on those links unless you’re older than 18, alright? Haha!

Glad to be on board and hope to see you all around.


Welcome to the community! How cool that you’re a wildlife professor. Do any of your students ever tell you wild stories of the wildlife they’ve come across? Do you have any wild stories?

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Oh yeah, I’ve got a lot of stories! Some are proprietary biologist stories that are hilarious if you’re in the field but would probably horrify the typical Joe on the street, lol. Here’s a relatively tame one though.

Every year we have a mandatory summer session where we take two, one-week field trips, one to Sapelo Island, Georgia, and the other to Highlands, North Carolina. The objective is to expose students to as many habitat types and wildlife species as possible. Every year an informal goal of the Sapelo trip is to catch an armadillo by hand. Not sure why, it’s a southern thing I guess, lol. Well, I was asleep on the couch because we had a big group that year, when I hear some students shuffling inside the front door in the middle of the night. I hear the door to the men’s dorm room open and close. A minute or so later, all hell breaks loose as someone shouts in that typical southern drawl, “there’s a f***ing armadillo in here!” About twenty guys spend the next half hour trying to catch this thing in the dorm room, it was hilarious. The armadillo was released unharmed afterwards.


You sound like one cool guy for sure! Glad we’ve got people like you in our community and I think I’ve actually conversed with you before on the fauna classifieds a few times haha. Small world isnt it

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Old Fauna’s been my staple forever, so yeah we probably have chatted at some point, lol. I still post pretty regularly there. What’s your Fauna username?


Don’t use it anymore. Stopped using it pretty recently but I remeber seeing your name around

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Nice to meet another old fart.