On Sale Feature [#460] [DONE]

Is it possible for your guys to make a ball python SALE notification or just an easier way to find ball pythons that are on sale from their regular listing price?


I think sales are being restricted to the main Morph Market site and the forum is more for discussion.

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Hi Jones, as Critters and our Guidelines explain:

Classifieds ads belong in the MorphMarket.com marketplace. This does not include your personal profile. We encourage you to describe your business with links there.

That being said, I have moved your post to the MM feature request category. We do have on our long list the idea for some special features around “on sale” items.

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I want to bump this thread, instead of making a completely new one, because I’d love to see this feature brought to light sooner rather than later.

It would be nice to have the ability to list several animals for sale. I was thinking of showing a crossed out price with the new price listed, or a banner over the photo saying ‘On Sale’ or ‘Sale’ over the left or right hand corner. I’d also like to have the option in our animal inventory to have a start and end date for animals that are on sale.

An example would be if I wanted to run a Christmas special and could have it set that all animals in my store starting November 1st would be on sale for 10% off and then be able to enable the end day on November 30th. That way I don’t have to go back and forth in my inventory to update prices or deal with forgetting to take a listening down after my sale has ended.


I agree this is a much needed feature. I’ve run sales in the past and because there is no “original price” or “sale price” listed people don’t know I’m running a sale unless I make it very clear in the title and description.

It would also be useful to track animals that have been on the market for a long time to see what their original asking price was and how much it has dropped. Not sure of the best way to implement this but I think the current system leaves room for improvement.


I couldn’t agree more!


I concur! I have a small(ish, depending upon who defines it lol) collection and I do search for very specific things when I’m contemplating a purchase. Since I’m looking at future breeding stock it’s generally more about bloodlines and genetics than price. But. There are certainly genes or combos I might be interested in adding as a backup animal if I saw them on sale at the right moment. As a seller, I’ve often wished I could just make a single banner for multiple animals. So I’d love to see this feature from both ends of transactions.


Of all the things you had discussed, I think this got lost in the pushback over “offers” and their dynamics

I would like a simple toggle to apply a sale price on something without having to change the price on the animal and then change it back. I am not the type to do “Black Friday” or “Tax Refund” sales, but every once in a while I have had the urge to just throw out a “Today Only - because it is the third Wednesday of the month and a blue moon and a bird pooped on my car on the way to work - Sale”

Something where I could select which animals I wanted included, set a countdown on how long the sale lasts, and maybe a text box for a message.

Enter the values, flip the toggle and something like this shows up on the ads for the selected animals

And then once the timer runs out the ads revert to the original pricing without me having to go in and reset everything


Absolutely, this is definitely needed!


This would be a nice feature to have. I also agree that sellers being able to pre-set vetting questions would help with the process.


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Yes please!!!