Options for raising humidity/decreasing humidity in snakes and lizards enclosures

Just thought this would be like a good topic for everyone to share how they as a keeper deal with this common problem if you have dealt with fluctuations in humidity in your house during summer months and also in winter months. Personally I spray my snake enclosure to raise the humidity, And when my humidity is too high I tend to turn on a small heating lamp that I purchased with my glass terraria that he is moving out of.

for make higher the humidity in my baos enclosures I just get a big water bottle and I make little holes in the cap and it became like a “shower”

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Coconut core, live plants , decent sized water bowls near the heat source or multiple bowls. Spagnom moss mixed into the substrate. Are the main ways I keep or raise humidity.

Removing it I use good ventilation and overhead heat to lower it but it can dry out the enclosure/Substrate. I also keep some dry coconut core to mix in if I over saturated an area or need to dry an area out. Adding a low wattage light can draw some out as well. I’ve seen people mention hiding a sock full of rice in something like a bearded cage. Makes sense.