Paring ideas

Looking for some paring ideas. Just recently got my first ball python.

She is a Super pastel pinstripe 66% Het Clown.

Different would like to try and prove her clown gene.


You have a long way to go before you can breed her. But when time comes, if there is something you want to prove out, then you should go with a visual of what you want to prove. Odds are better with a visual.


I would suggest looking for a clown combo male with any other morph included that you like.


Welcome to the forum! I was thinking you can just test her shed with genetic testing to determine whether she carries the clown gene.

Genetic Testing Now Available!


Great suggestion! It would be much more cost effective (not to mention time saving) to have a ph Clown tested than to buy a mate and hopefully produce a clutch to test a het. I’m looking forward to having this option for colubrids. Kinda jealous of what’s available for BPs.

Lovely girl, @qwer7278 . One day she’ll hopefully have some gorgeous babies for you. Welcome to the community, by the way.


I really like the Spotnose Pinstripe Clown combo, but there are so many other great combos you can get with pinstripe. I suppose it’s all about doing your research and seeing what you like. I think trick is amazing with pinstripe and since you’ve got super pastel you could land a Pastel Pinstripe Trick which would be sick.


@xxkespxx + @qwer7278 ohh 2 new posters welcome nice to see your posts.
@qwer7278 when its ready maybe combine with a banana het or full clown. Maybe throw in an extra leopard morph with those
Check out the morphmarket calculator for the cool results.
Should give some nice combos.


@xxkespxx @ascended Thank you for your suggestions.

I really like the Lesser, Leopard and Mojave morph.

Definitely will look in to the Trick and Banana.

She still young, 501.4g still have a ways to go.

Have a reptile expo coming up in 2 months, hopefully I can pick him up when I’m there.


@ascended thank you very much :blush:

@qwer7278 Lesser, Leopard and Mojave are stunning. Lesser Pinstripe Trick is amazing.

Picture courtesy of World Of Ball Pythons

This is the fun part, whatever you choose to go with I hope you get some great combinations :+1: