People are going to hate me for this

So I am going to get a pet BP and I figured out I really like banana pieds. So I reached out to a breeder about a $350 Banana pied high white and after thinking that I was really interested in it and making them think that… I backed out. I realized that if I spend $350 on the snake itself I won’t have much money to spend on a nice proper enclosure for it. So I decided to instead spend that money on a nice, proper set up and just get a rescue that needs a home instead of getting one from a breeder. Y’all are gonna hate me for backing out after making someone think I was interested but I had a good reason so please tell me if what you think what I did was right.


Well, considering I just backed out of a deal today for a gecko because it would have to be delivered an hour away from me, I think your conviction here is actually a good one. If you want a Banana pied, you could continue saving for a little longer for a nicer enclosure, and then get one
(Also, unrelated, I’m pretty sure I know which bp you were gonna get because I was looking at those too:)


Tire kickers, window shoppers, whatever you call them, they’re normal, and expected by sellers, I’d say the majority of inquiries are people who changed their mind or had things come up. It was a smart decision on your part to forego getting the animal you want so you can get a good setup for an animal.


Rather have a buyer back out than go thru with something they don’t want or aren’t ready for.

Sure it’s disappointing when a sale doesn’t go thru, but it can be a long term nightmare supporting a customer that made the wrong purchase. I’m also selling animals I hatched out and raised so I’m never gonna push for someone to take something they’re not 100% ready for.


As long as you told them you were backing out, then I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Yes it’s annoying when ppl back out, but I’d rather sell a reptile knowing it has everything it needs!

Communication is key, esp as you may want to purchase from that seller further down the line.


Wow thanks, I didn’t realize that it happened so often. I thought it was a bigger deal than it was.


Absolutely not. Any breeder worth your money will be more than happy to have simply made a good connection with you. That way when your ready to expand with your new inevitable addiction, they will be the first on your mind.

Will they be gutted they didnt make money…? Yeah, sure.

Will they be happy to know you put welfare over want…? 100%.

In the short term it is a money saver, however in the long term it could end up more costly than a Banana Pied… a vet visit or two could be the difference in price depending on where you live. But anyone giving an animal the home it needs is beautiful :muscle:


Thanks so much I appreciate it but even if it is more expensive I would still rather have a snake that is a rescue and really needs a loving home and owner.


I get that, I rescued my late dog and she was no bother with costs, till the very end (age 14). But that could’ve happened to any pooch. We were very lucky.

However, I want to add that there is a risk of more vet bills with a rescue as you don’t know what happened prior to you.

That being said, I still think rescuing is great


Not at all. Rescues are great places to get a pet snake. (As long as they are a real rescur not a rwptile flipper)


If the breeder is a reputable one, then they will be happy that you are going to focus on the setup and care first and foremost. I know I would be. Having the cage set and warmed and monitored prior to the arrival makes it so much easier to get your snake started the right way than slapdashing it together while the snake is in the air.

Knowing what you want is great, but having the space and everything ready for arrival is best. :heart:


I think communication is key. As long as you told them and didn’t lie as to the reason (obviously they don’t know you lied or not, but I like to keep it honest) and no money changed hands they should have no reason to be angry.


Nope, no hate here. Sounds like you may have been hanging with the wrong online crowd.

This is pure truth.
All of us care about our animals and we want them to go where they’ll be well cared for. We also care about people. Recently I had a buyer back away from a purchase because her husband unexpectedly lost his job. I’m sorry they’re in this position, and I appreciate her honesty. I know she wanted the snake, but sometimes life just has other plans. If she contacts me down the road, I’ll happily work with her again.


That’s the best thing you could have done no one will hate you for that even the breeder I’m sure if they know would understand, responsible thinking. That’s the exact predicament I’m in saving up for a rack FB tubs and thermostat before even looking at animals first.


You can also purchase the animal or have it on payment, and ask them to hold it for you until you’re animals setup is ready.


Ok thanks guys! I thought it was something that was uncommon and they would think I was rude but I guess I was wrong.

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I wanted to add, thank you for putting the animal above your want. I would sell to you no problems.


Wow that’s so nice! This is what I said… I think i messed up.


I myself would understand if someone said that to me. You’re not trying to haggle with them over the price of their animals, their work and time, you’re saying you’ve decided to adjust plans and get a different snake so you can give it everything and more. Sounds good to me!

All of us here love animals and if you couldn’t buy what I was selling, I’d be glad to know you were going to get a lower priced snake to give it the best possible setup.


I’ve bought a couple animals on MM and elsewhere, along with discussed many that didn’t go through for a variety of reasons, me included lol, and as long as you communicate people are pretty understanding.

As an aside, if it’s a baby BP I prefer grown-up enclosures at first then getting an adult sized enclosure later, which may lower your initial costs too, and it easier to keep a tiny BP from escaping and you can have a better idea of the adult size of the snake. Some prefer other methods, but that’s my method. 110qt tub or so converted for the first year, easier to keep micro-climates etc. Just an idea! (I love Banana Pieds too! :slight_smile: )