Peruvian Rainbow Boas

Was looking to get a Brazilian Rainbow boa then saw these Peruvian babies, I had the male and my friend had the female (she is in blue). Lovely little things, photo of mum is here also


Very nice, can you tell me who produced these Peruvians?

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Thank you, I purchased these off a private breeder here in the U.K. and these were the last 2 babies left, we had the mother out as you can see in the pics but the dad had been fed the day before so we didn’t handle him, we did see him though, and he’s just as pretty as the female

Beautiful baby :+1: and congratulations. Just FYI: Peruvian is a locality of Brazilian–genetically they’re the same thing. Typically, the biggest difference is deeper reds and thicker lines on Peruvian, but the same can be found in non-Peruvians. Here are two siblings to illustrate the point


Thank you, yeah I did a bit of research before purchasing these as they’re not as common here as the Brazilians, I did read that they are pretty much the same as Brazilians as you say, with a deeper red and bolder markings also have a smaller scale count which means they have larger scales which give off a brighter rainbow hue, and they are typically larger than the Brazilians with females getting up to 8 feet, with the males being a fair bit smaller.

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Super cool I didn’t know there was much of a difference Most Brazilian rainbow boas at least here in the US don’t come from Brazil because of the exporting laws i had some imports from Guyana and I think some come from Suriname I’m not too sure but they all get sold as BRBs here locality’s are mixed up

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I can see that with new imports, but the established CBB lines (at least as far as I’m aware) are very definitely still E.c.crenchia.
Guyanese key out to E.maurus and, as far as I’m aware, the type specimen for BRBs actually came from Suriname.

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Those are beautiful animals :heart_eyes:!