Pet smart has me interested in this morph

I was taking a trip to my local petsmart and look at this beautiful morph they had. Im thinking of gettin it and just starting from the bottom and raise up my collection from hatchlings even though i really want to get in the game fast but im going to go with the long term process thanks for all the help you guys im really getting focused on my starting 5 to begin my collection


@mackenziegritzuk i havent purchased this i was asking if anyone knew what morph this was

Looks fire to me. Welcome to the hobby by the way. I suggest taking your time building your collection. Really get a feel for these animals and really decide if this something you want to do. You can always reach out to me about any questions you have and I will help the best I can!


Thanks @reptilefrenzy i will keep that in mind and this beautiful ball python and i have a little connection since i been going to petsmart to see if they had a different morph and was told that they get bananas here and there

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Awesome! I hope you find the perfect fit.

That’s not fire, looks more yellow belly maybe. Fire has a distinct head

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I agree, looks more yellowbelly.

Find a local breeder. Or even morphmarket. Get an animal that you know without question what it is. Petsmart and petco are no different. Do not support them.


I wouldn’t buy from pet smart. Only because balls like the one you posted might be fire might not be. If you buy straight from a breeder you know exactly what went into making that snake. Also petsmart near me charging 399. For a baby banana male. You can get better quality and much better price on morphmarket from a breeder.


@kevin1013 well the petsmart in my area is only selling this morph for a $100+ dollars never seen them selling anything ove a $100 dollars

You can get sumpin better than that on morphmarket for less that 159.99…thats what they charge for “fancy” balls by my house and thats too much


If it is a fire or yellowbelly you can get them less then 100.00 with shipping from a breeder here or wait for an expo near you.


Your best bet is to buy on morphmarket. Very trustworthy and reputable guys on there. Some big chain pet stores dont really care for them all that well and you can also choose DOZENS of different morphs on MM unlike a petstore

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I second the don’t buy from Petsmart.

  1. Our first BP came from petsmart on a whim. She was a Normal 0.1 we named Sally. I know some people on here don’t believe snakes have personalities but I do. Sally had THE BEST personality. My son loved her. Sally ventral prolapsed about a month ago at 6 months old. We took her to the vet, we helped the vet “fix” her. We were very aware that she could prolapse again and she did not 24 hours later. We made the choice with our vet to put her to sleep knowing it would reoccur multiple times. Our vet told us most likely it was from bad genetics and bad breeding. He told us from everything we told him there wasn’t anything we did to cause it. While we love and miss Sally and I don’t regret having her, I won’t be purchasing another reptile from Petsmart. My son cried his eyes out as did I and my husband.
  2. I second that you don’t know the exact genes your getting for morphs. Not a big deal if you don’t plan on breeding though.

I just realized after typing this out that this post is real old… whoops… I’ll just hope to help someone else reading the thread thinking of purchasing from Petsmart.


I hear you and I think it’s still good to put out there.

Yeah it sucks how many people just get a snake because it looks cool to them. I hate seeing how careless some new comers are. I think we should have as much available info for newbies so it doesn’t happen


Bringing up old threads now and again saves them being made again by newcomers, and saves vital information being lost.


Yeah, it’s definitely good to know especially for newcomers. My first two ball pythons were from a chain pet store (Pet Supplies Plus) and the second one sadly passed away. She just wouldn’t eat and despite all of my efforts she just didn’t thrive. I suspect there was some internal issues going on.

The other one however, she eats like a champ and is now nice and plump.
When I got her, back in August 2018:

Her now:

I want to try breeding her to a pied male in the future, and see if she might prove out as het pied. She has a lot of the same visual cues that my other known het pieds do — track marks on the belly, high blushing… you never know with these pet store animals!


Hmmm, hard to tell from those pictures. Fire, or one of the super stripe complex (yellowbelly, specter, etc) would be my guess.

I 100% agree

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