Pictures of reptiles in the “wild”

Oh my goodness, we all love a good weirdo :wink:. That is why you all love me :upside_down_face:. He is adorable by the way. And really nice for a water snake.


It was like 80-85 degrees :joy:


How cool, I’ve yet too meet a watersnake I could touch without bleeding, lol


Yes! All I ever had to do was look at them, and they’d “touch” me!


Looks like you’ve got water sorcerer in your blood then, @logar. That’s the only other explanation I can think of. :grin:


Here are a couple of lizards I found on my recent trip to Santa Cruz Island. It’s a unique endemic species of fence swift found nowhere else in the world. They’re kinda similar to (and evolved from) the western fence swifts we have on the mainland, but they’re… different. More sleek and slender, more colorful, and their scales are smoother. They also seem to be a bit smaller overall than their mainland cousins. We saw a bunch, but these two individuals let me get quite close and posed for pictures. The lighter one is an adult, and the darker one is a juvenile (though I don’t think the colour difference is related to age, there just seem to be some natural colour variations between individuals regardless of age).

And here’s a shot of one of my favourite little coves along the coast, just because it’s gorgeous.