Please post adult lavender albinos?

Hello… I was considering purchasing a male lavender albino or high contrast albino female. Just curious how adults turn out. Thanks for any help.

You can search on morphmarket and use the filters to search for only adults. Also, use the filter for “all” instead of “for sale” so you can see all of the adult lav albinos that have ever been on MM.

Lavender are more ‘desirable’ because they are colorful and aren’t compatible with albino. Personally, I haven’t seen an adult single-gene lavender that honestly looks as good as a Candy. Albino is very common and it’s easy to find it a combo with most genes out there.

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I got out of Lavender years ago because it was underwhelming as far as color. In the most perfect lighting you might get a hint of Lavender.

Candy is the way to go. ∆∆∆


To me candy just looks like a red eyed banana with no spots. I wonder what would happen if you cross banana and candy? :thinking: Candy with spots? :joy:


The one difference is Candy stays very clean as adults. Banana tend to get muddy. My end goal with this project is Candy Pied combos.

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Candy also holds color and improves over time, while banana tends to fade. I’m hoping for some Candy Pied in the next couple years, too :+1:


Is candy and candino the same?

No, it is not the same thing.

Candy is on the same allele as albino. Candino is a double het Candy & Albino and shows up visually as an intermediate between Candy and Albino.