Polygenic Genetic Reduced. Is this one? + more knowledge please

I was surfing Morphpedia and came across Polygenic, unlike Incomplete Dominant or recessive etc there was only one example, called ‘Genetic Reduced’

I kind of get it, multiple genes acting together like Hight in humans as opposed to human eye colour (recessive)
I don’t think it is something special but am just interested to find out if mine is a coincidence or not, and learn more.
I guess as it can not be proved out through breeding (my limited understanding) there is no way to tell.

Morphpedia describes it as follows:
Genetic Reduced is more an appearance descriptor than it is a singe defined morph. (i kind of get that)
It also states: Genetic Reduced Ball Pythons body usually lack “eyes” within the alien heads that give it a reduce patterning appearance.

Question, are there others than Genetic Reduced? (the explanation indicates to me there could be, maybe brightness or something?)

Question, could the one I have be one?
Here is the Morphpedia albino example of Polygenic Genetic Reduced.

Here below is my albino het pied and possible other little bits.

Very similar pattern. maybe a coincidence. same head and shoulder alien heads without eyes and reduced pattern.
I did wonder why this one had such a different alien heads, I just liked the look so chose this one.
Those that know me, know I have a thing for alien heads :crazy_face:



In ball pythons there are only a handful of documented Polygenic traits, this is the only one we are pretty confident on what’s going on… I dumped the job of the other Poly ones (mainly Fader) onto Travis :yum:

So the Glossary may help here.


It is certainly reduced pattern, whether genetic in any way would need proving through breeding projects or past data on the parents.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the links.
Im off to study them.

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GRP (and any polygenetic) can be proven out, it just takes more work that most people are willing to put in because it is not an instant gratification thing the way Mendelian traits are.

As Thomas notes, there are other. For balls I would add:

  • Dorsal stripe
  • High/Low contrast
  • High/Low gold
  • Blush
  • Dark/Light
  • Alien creep
  • Bicolour alien

I am sure there are others that are not springing to the front of my head at the moment

Outside of balls there are countless other examples. Most crested gecko morphs are polygenetic. The Tiger morph in carpets. Hypo in Bredls. Okeetee corns. Pretty much everything in chondros…

Ugh. UGH I tell you!! :sweat_smile:


Thanks, I don’t mind either way but that’s going to be interesting to research and experiment with.
I think I will start with contacting the breeder.

Edit update: the breeder was really helpful. He read the thread and said he has a few hundred albinos per year and is quite happy to keep an eye out and update me.
He also said the mother is the same as the one I have.
A good start. Now I need one to get a few more and lots of time and lots of research. :nerd_face:

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