Possibly Gravid Dragon Snake!

Wow that’s really amazing.
If I’m correct, you would be the first person to successfully breed Dragon Snakes in captivity.
That is truly a milestone for this hobby.


I keep colonies of Gambusia affinis and various frog species of the genus Hyla (as tadpoles and developed frogs). I’m thinking they’ll take up on on one of them! I’ll offer it to them as I do for all newly acquired Dragon Snakes – put the feeders in the water dish under their hide and wait for them to disappear. :grin:


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this species ever being successfully bred in captivity. This is super cool! Hope you are successful! For sure keep us posted!!! Best of luck!


This is so cool! I recently stumbled on this species and have been in love ever since. Please give updates!


Congratulations and good luck. By any chance are you expecting eggs or live young or is it known.?


We are expecting eggs :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you everyone for the support, she is in shed at the moment and we are hoping it is pre-lay shed! :crossed_fingers:


Fingers crossed🤞


Hoping for the best! It would be great to have more CB of this species!


would you be the first one? because I never heard of CB ones


Unless someone is keeping it a secret, Dragon Snakes have never been successfully captive bred. @creaturesofnightshade would be the first one to do so.


Congratulations! Everything I’ve heard about this species has been concerning how fragile they are. Would love to learn more about your husbandry and am interested to see if the CBB will prove to be somewhat hardier. Congratulations again!

Here is a topic that @creaturesofnightshade tells a lot about care of these guys
How to Establish Dragon Snakes (Xenodermus javanicus)

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Congratulations on being featured on Clint’s Reptiles! Everyone should check it out.


Just watched this one. Loved seeing the footage of the dragon snake moving around. Their body is so cool looking, but their faces are extremely cute - it’s like the face and the body don’t match!


Congratulations and good luck! I really hope you get some nice little baby dragons… and that they have the same care needs as the adults! Fingers crossed that they want to eat tadpoles and not some obscure tropical ant larvae or something :joy:


Thank you everyone for the support! No eggs yet from our girl, so we will be pairing her again as I
now believe her fullness was due to ovulation. I will keep everyone updated with progress!


Wanted to update the thread:

I have put all breeding on pause for the time being as I recently lost my most precious companion, Legion, to liver failure and am having a difficult time coping with the loss. Legion was a very special False Water Cobra that meant the world to me. Since I am not able to put 100% of my focus on the Dragon Snakes, I felt it was best to separate the pair I had together for now while I grieve. I will update the thread when I am feeling back up to speed and am ready to pick up on the breeding attempts again. I apologize for the delay; please forgive my temporary absence.


Don’t ever apologize for something of that matter. Loosing any animal, especially when you have such a deep connection with it, is hard for the best of us.
No need to forgive anything, and I’m happy you’re taking time away to make sure you can give 100% when you’re ready.

I hope you’re doing ok, and I’m very sorry for your loss.

We’ll all be here when you’re ready, or if you ever need to talk about it.


I will second MN on this one. There is no need to apologize or ask forgiveness. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost. Take care of yourself, we will all be around whenever you feel up to dropping back in.

And in the interim, reach out if you need help. We are also here for that


I never seen a snake like that how do they feel? Are they rough and scaly or bumpy?