Post your own special tips and tricks for ball python husbandry


Post your special tips and tricks for ball python husbandry, on any subject

Many will apply to all reptiles.

There are a lot all over the site but, It might be good to have them all in the same place.

Here is one of mine.
If you make a melamine/contiboard rack. Seal the inner edges with aquarium sealant. That way the humidity wont pernitrate into the melamine/contoiboard chipboard and create warping. I have 25 year old racks that are still as good as new to the mm/fraction of an inch, that way.

Here is another good tip I found today from ballornothing, - see below to avoid drops of condensation falling on your eggs.:

Post your tips and tricks that work for you, share your experiance


Here is another tip.
Thermometers are not accurate, don’t trust them, so we need to check them.

Do you trust your thermometer is accurate? I don’t, because they are not always accurate.
So you need to 'Calibrate’ your thermometer to assess its level of accuracy.

I will use centigrade because its easier (You can use google to convert to Fahrenheit)

First use crushed ice water left for a bit - that should be Zero centigrade,
Then use boiling water which is always 100 centigrade.

If you have readings that are above or below this, you know if your thermometer is not 100% accurate or by how much its out above or below true temperatures.

(the food industry is required to do this monthly to ensure their thermometer are giving true readings and have to replace them if not) Even if they are to begin with, they do change over time,

To be honest, our modern digital thermometers are not that accurate,
I have many all with with a few degrees difference in reading.
Actually, scientific laboratory mercury old school thermometers are more accurate and keep accuracy longer, but are still not prefect…

Come on members, I know you all have more tips and tricks to share too :thinking:


This first one I got the idea from you.
When building a rack you can use plastic floor tiles to elevate the tubs off of the heat tape, which is a lot easier than recessing the heat tape.

Here’s another tip to keep old egg shells in case one breaks.


Agreed use them to seal holes.

This is so helpful in identifying air pressures for mating triggers

Come on you guys/girls/other must have more good tips :face_with_monocle:

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There are some useful tips and tools in this thread:
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