Problematic tag on problematic morphs? [#1144]

Would be nice to have listings with problematic morphs tagged with some kind of message about the problems they could experience, and atleast ensure less knowledgeable customers are informed.


If you are referring to the “spider complex” then problematic is not the word I would use. Balls with wobble morphs can live amazing lives in captivity under the right husbandry. Usually the corkscrewing bps are kept in a unhealthy or highly stressful environment. When it comes to buying a pet especially a snake that can live for a long time it is imperative that you do the research necessary to care for them.
At least for me when I was getting in to morphs I actually did real scientific research on the morphs that I wanted to work with, not just look on YouTube.


This is something we are in the process of reforming.

At the minute a few do have the tag when entered into the calculator but we want to make this more widespread with any known issues of all morphs and also make it more prominent on the site.

Also, for a list of issues please see @owalreptiles list here … Morph Issues


I believe a better optio. Would be a “special care needed” or “breeding restrictions may apply” with an informational blip of info, such as can be found here Ball Python Genetics | Genes in Ball Pythons You Should Not Mix.

That way they are informed of potential needs. Scaleless require special husbandry, spiders shouldnt be bred together, spider, champagne, and HGW can have wobble, etc. So buyers dont freak out due to a lack of knowledge when they notice certain things, or try to give a scaleless the same husbandry as a scaled, or breed things together that dont work, etc.

Not so much creating a witch hunt, but preventing a bad rep by ensuring buyers had the info prior to buying instead of claiming they were lied to about issues.


I like that thought, however we are very open and discussion centered and while giving a whole paragraph or more dedicated to each issue does give the end user more information on the spot, with our hobby, information and our understanding of it is constantly evolving.

I believe a short and to the point notice, with links to public discussion and evidence is more helpful.


Fair, plus, a buyer should be doing their research first anyways. I only support it because its the foolish ones that dont research that risk us losing our rights as reptile owner/breeders, so any type of information to keep uninformes buyers from potentially getting our animals / morphs banned seems a good idea. So even linking to a forum wiki would be a good compromise, as we could keep it up to date with relevent info. I know after the UK spider ban, it became very evident that misinformation is very dangerous to our hobby :slight_smile: so spreading proper info is the way to go!


I’m sorry to use your own comment to add proof to your own point… but, the Spider isn’t banned in the UK, just at certain expos :yum:

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Ahh, i know it was a large controversy like 2 years ago or so, i figured with how politics usually works it was bound to have succeeded by now haha. Im not against having my own point being used against me though haha. Looked into it and yeah, i guess it was IHS that banned them from being sold at their events.