Questionable interactions with a seller?

So, I’ve purchased multiple snakes off morphmarket and have had a great experience so far. Everything has arrived healthy and happy, good interactions with the sellers, etc… Well I purchased a snake from a seller on here I won’t mention their name, and they were super eager to get their money but now are lagging on shipping and saying that they advised me not to ship but would be shipping anyway but couldn’t guarantee the animals live arrival… This seems extremely off and suspect to me. I’m going to be posting SS’s of the actual convo so you can see, what do you think?

These are just snippets, there’s obviously some missing. If they didn’t communicate possible shipping issues that’s kind of unprofessional but it’s also something I think you should have ironed out before you send someone money.

Hopefully your animal arrives alive and well. From what’s here I’m not overly impressed with the seller but without the conversation in its entirety I can’t really say if anything is “sketchy.”

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On one hand, anyone paying attention to the news knows that COVID is taking its toll on shipping so insuring shipping is unlikely. On the other hand, the seller probably should have included a disclaimer or something to let you know shipping ‘might’ be affected. I’ve shipped a few lately and haven’t had any problem worse than deliveries a little later than normal (afternoon instead of morning). Others have had much worse. :man_shrugging:


I think it’s just the breeder having precautions on shipping. I have two animals on hold despite being purchased because of the Virus. If you aren’t comfortable you can always ask for a refund. I don’t think it’s shady though. Just things we are not quite used to. But I see it as the same as shipping difficulties due to weather.


well i mean…i think it should have been obvious if they are trustworthy or not. Did they have good reviews or any at all? are they new sellers? have you verified that the snake they sold you is actually in their possession? based on the convo alone i cant really say much but hopefully it all works out for you, and like others have already said covid does cause delays and i ordered frozen feeders and they were delayed 4 days so the same could be going on with your animal.


Based on what I read and it’s not the complete convos my my counts

There are a few things that to me as a buyer are a turn (but it’s me) now as for shipping if the weather checks out the breeder should offer live guarantees, sure there is the all covid 19 thing and third party companies no longer offering live arrival however most breeders do not get those insurance anyway (for obvious reasons) and offer live guarantee out of their own pockets just like they did prior to those site offering live arrival guarantees.

Live guarantees have been turned off since the beginning of April and apparently that breeder did ship during that month so it does not really make sense to tell you it’s ok to proceed on one end but sorry I am not offering live guarantee.

Breeders should have a warning on their page regarding shipping, and when someone is ready to buy remind them again how and when shipping will be done during those uncertain time (I know I did not ship anything through April and resumed yesterday but there are still conditions)

Again communication is key and buyers do not want surprises and if he won’t ship until the live guarantee is turned back on it could take months in the meantime since the animal is marked as sold to you, you only have 120 days to leave your feedback (I also believe breeder should mark the animal as sold when being shipped out not before)


If you don’t want to wait till shipping is normalized see if the seller will refund you. I still offer live arrival guarantees so long as the animal is picked up at the Fed Ex depot. So far out 35 shipments everything has been fine. I make it clear before taking any payment what the terms are. Lost some sales yes, but I haven’t had any doa animals either.