Questions about hybrid snakes

I’m thinking about doing a video on my youtube about hybrids. I’d like it if you guys could share any questions you have about hybrids that I could address in the video. Really looking for help here guys so please comment below.
Also, if anyone has hybrid boas or pythons I could use pictures of please let me know.


I’d love for you to make a video! Here’s some of my own questions I’ve had about hybrids:
Have you noticed a spike in the likelyhood of defects in a hybrid animal?
Do they tend to stay in between the two sizes of the parents or is it random?
Does every hybrid generation look different or stay somewhat consistent?
How hard is it to breed two different species together, for example a Honduran and a cal king?
Do the hybrids need specialized care or are they hardier than the parents?
What has been your overall experience keeping them?
And last but not least, are hybrids more aggressive than the parents?

Hopefully I didn’t overwhelm you lol but here are all of the questions I would think of asking


@thebeardedherper I didnt know you hosted a youtube channel. Whats it called? Ill check it out.

@beast-blade-wolf_987 trying to figure out how change the address to thebeardedherper


@nathan_e not at all. I will do my best to answer your questions in the video. I’m taking notes :memo: and doing research :microscope::dna::test_tube: on the bits I can’t answer from personal experience


I’m in everything except Twitter and snapchat lol. Even tumblr and mewe but those dont seem all that active for me.

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@thebeardedherper Thanks Ill definitely check out your channel from time to time. I just looked it up and watched a vid or two. Funny how you say your in most stuff except for snapchat and twitter because those were the only 2 I used. Well my snapchats gone now but my Twitter is still in use anyway.

I’m excited for this!
I second all of @nathan_e questions.
One of my own:

How do you plan for such a project?

  • Why did you choose the specific pairings you have.
  • What extra steps do you take to get a lock.
  • What environmental changes do you make to keep the pairing couple happy.

Also as a side note or maybe separate video, a bit about the hybrid Burmese X Indian Rock Pythons in Florida’s Everglades would be nice.


@eaglereptiles unfortunately I don’t really know much about how much hybridization is taking place in the everglades except to say I am certain that the media has blown it way out of proportion like they do everything. I will look into it but no promises on that front. As for everything else I should be able to address all of those questions. Keep them coming guys.

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I have 2 Carpondro’s, brother and sister, 25% GTP 75% Carpet Python and the main issue seems to be fertility, it has been stated over and over again that all 50/50 carpondro males are infertile, which someone on a Carpondro group on Facebook has just proven to be false, but you have to question the post because, unless he bred them himself, you are just taking his word for it. Here’s my 2, make has the black banding


Additional points of discussion:
Are there environmental/conservation risks from hybrids? (ex: T&E, native vs. exotic environments, reintroduction vs. escapees, etc…)
Does hybridization improve longevity/survival?
Does hybridization decrease/increase commercial value/saleability? (ex: Creamsickle corn, Lipstick albino boa, carpondro, etc…)
How commonly do infertile hybrids result? (ex: Bat eater, boaconda, etc…)
What common pet species are most likely to be hybrids? (ex: Sinaloan/Nelson’s, Cornsnake/Plains Ratsnakes, diamond/carpet/GTP, P. brongersmai/breitstein/curtus, Boa constrictor/imperator/sigma, etc…)
What reptile ‘communities’ are more/less accepting of hybridization?
(50% Bc x Bi Snow & Lipstick Sunglow for picture tax :wink:)


@alpinereptiles all great topics. Thanks for the help.

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