Questions about spiders

I want to start this with saying Im not a breeder and do not have personal opinions or experience with spiders. I am aware of the genetic risk involved and was curious why theyre bred? I went to an expo recently and saw a lot of beautiful spiders but a lot of them were showing the wobble. Are they still bred to attempt to get rid of the wobble or is it like smush faced dog breeds and just bred because? I really do not want to upset anyone I genuinely am just curious about it. Thank you:)

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This thread might be a good read for you.


I would definitely encourage you to read through the thread @ashleyraeanne linked, and hopefully it will answer most of your questions. The spider morph is a controversial topic, and as such you’ll get a lot of varying opinions.


Thank you:)

Anything with animals gets lots of opinions haha. Thank you for the resource:)


I will because think they are beautiful, and while yes very few have serious issues. Yes they require you to be on top of the husbandry and keep stress low. I personally will never bring one to an expo, its too stressful. I have 2, and neither show a noticeable wobble. I also feel they are unfairly targeted. No one mentions any of the other morphs that have issues (Super Cinnie, Super black pastel, Champagne, and spotnose to name a few) In fact my spotnose does have a noticeable wobble. This whole thing started with a kid who does rescues, so of course he sees the worst of the worst and the neglected, basing his opinion on that and not actually working with the vast majority of spider morphs. I like the morph which is why I will work with it. If you do not like it, the best part is no one is forcing you to buy one.

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Theyre definitely pretty, thank you for the insight:)

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