Rat snakes to top level promotion [DONE] [1564]

Hi all!

I hope this is the right place to do this.

As somebody that loves colubrids, I’ve been casually after several specific types of rat snakes for a while. I check MM periodically, but, I’ll be honest, Other Colubrids > Rat Snakes > [Nothing else] is a mess! Considering that there are several distinct types (Black, Texas [if you don’t count them as Black], Everglades, Beauty, Emory, Bairds, “other”, to name a few) and several traits (leucistic, scaleless, etc) that can be included as well – and honestly, sorting by them would be incredibly beneficial.

However, don’t think I’m just asking for my own selfish reasons! Considering that there are 172 rat snakes listed at the time of writing this, I’m sure they’re popular (and common) enough that both sellers and prospective buyers would benefit from this. That’s the most in the Other Colubrids category (second most is Bullsnakes with 79, so almost 100 fewer listings), while also being significantly more than the 54 in the GTP category and 43 in the crocodilians category, and almost as many as the 177 rainbow boas.

(On this note, Sand boas would benefit from this too [or at least splitting Kenyans from other], along with Burmese Pythons, skinks, and many of the “other geckos”).

I know it’s a big ask, but if it’s not possible, being able to add sub-sub categories, or easily see /sort by things like species / morph / trait tags in sub-categories would be helpful, especially when one is seeking a specific type of rat snake but has to go through pages of standard listings for other types of animal.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I see there’s a sand boa request here – Sand Boas to top level category – and I completely support that as well.

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At this time there are quite a few species ahead of rat snakes deserving of their own category as you have acknowledged (skinks, gargoyle geckos, Leachy geckos, African fat tailed geckos, burms, and sand boas typically all have more listings at any time). I too would love for each to have its own category eventually but I’m not sure that’s quite feasible right now.

Until they are able to grant rat snakes their own category, I would suggest using the “filters” button.

And typing in whatever keyword for the ratsnake you are looking for in the “including” bar.

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Thank you so much! And yeah, that’s understandable.

Will the method you described work even if the seller didn’t include the traits specifically (i.e. if it’s just in the name)?

Yes. You can also use it for any keyword, not just a “trait”. For example if I was looking for a Mandarin Rat Snake, I would just type Mandarin.

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Perfect, thanks!

I still hope to see new categories eventually, but this will do until then!