Reptile breeding career

When you see people selling reptiles at shows, is that there job, or is it just a part time job? I would LOVE to become a reptile breeder full time when I am older(I am still in high school now), but I would not really want to do it if I was just barely making it by from a financial standpoint. So what is the average yearly income for a breeder?

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It’s a side gig for the vast majority. I’m not sure on the exact numbers but I would think you’d need to have at least a couple hundred breeding females to make it viable full time in most cases (depending on the morphs). I won’t name names but my main “mentor” in the hobby found BPs, researched 9 months, then mortgaged his house that he owned outright and now in year 3 he has around 150 adults/near adults. He thinks he will be full time in another 2-3 years.

But he had obviously a very large amount of capital to put in up front, and he has invested in some very very high end stuff. If you didn’t have a bunch of money up front I assume it takes many years to build to that point obviously depending on your outside financial situation.

For me I doubt it’s realistic to ever be more than a side hobby…but there are a handful that are full time yes.

*EDIT: My friend is strictly BPs, virtually all my research is strictly related to them I have no idea with other species what it is like


Ok, thank you so much!

Pretty impossible to say “average income” because you have such a gigantic range of collection sizes.
It is possible to get there but it’s years and years of work if that is your goal.
I don’t know if any of our forum users are “full time” and if so how long it took them to get there.

For some it is a part time job for some it is a full time job, as for income usually that is between breeders, their accountant and the IRS :wink:

So is it possible? yes however it requires work, passion, commitment, solid business plan, capital investment, market knowledge, and a vision (not being one of those what should I breed)


You left out love of the animals! It’s implied, though. :wink:

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It could definitely be done but like others have said it truly does require a lot of work, commitment not only to yourself but your animals as well, and also the obvious love of what you do. Just look at Justin from JKR, he built a whole new facility and that wouldn’t be possible unless he was doing well. So the short answer is yes, but is it easy? No

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I have over 100 animals (including 27 unsold babies & 16 hold backs) and I managed to pay off my initial outlay after 5 years. But, I’m also up at 11:30 when I should be in bed (so I can do my day job) because I needed to clean cages :man_shrugging: