Reptile cold shoulder

I recently purchased a white throated US CBB monitor. I’m really excited but if i mention my new monitor to my coworkers they look at me like I just grew a second head. If I tell my Friends, I am accused of being a reptile hoarder. (I’m not. I take good care of the reptiles in my collection.)
I just about have to go to my local reptile shop and talk to the staff to hear anything positive about my new monitor.

I love the forum here, but it would be nice to know a few people in my area who are thrilled to hear about my new monitor and who I could be thrilled for in return.
Anyway thanks for listening. I will post a picture of my white throat when she arrives.


I don’t know if I’m in your area, but I’m always thrilled to read about peoples’ reptiles here! I love monitors!!! I don’t have one, but they are totally awesome, and I’d love to, one day.


You could look for expos near you and see if you can find some people. I might be wrong but I think that in Alabama, Georgia, and other southern states there’s a lot worse stereotype about snakes and reptiles. But, there are plenty of people here that you can talk to. I myself love monitors and can’t wait to see pictures.


Unfortunately the average person is just that, the average person with biases, strong uninformed opinions and often a lack of common respect.

I really like the suggestion of looking for expos and conventions where you can meet like minded people.


I feel you. Why do you think I’ve been posting on this forum like a fiend, haha.

I do have a few friends and coworkers who think it’s cool that I keep reptiles (snakes, in my case), but…they’re not nearly as excited about it as I am, so I try not to blather TOO much to them.

I recently purchased what is basically my dream snake and have been practically coming unglued with excitement as I wait for the weather to warm up so it’s safe for her to ship, and it’s hard to not really have anyone in my life who is anywhere near as excited about it as I am. So I turn to the internet, haha. At least we have that much!


Thanks everyone, you’all are great and so is MorphMarket . Yes, the deep south is full of people who are uninformed about snakes and some who aren’t.

The next expo will be in NewOrleans in March. I can hardly wait, I also have a room booked for the Daytona show in August and I someday hope to go to Tinley.

( I live in Citronelle Al, a small town near Mobile on the coast. )

Thanks for listening. :grinning:


I felt this in my bones. My family and friends think it is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been accused of being a hoarder, but my animals live better then I do lol. Just kidding of course, but I really do strive to go above and beyond basic care. People are really uneducated and uninterested. Everyone is super into their own thing and if your thing isn’t their thing; you’re strange. Shitty, but that’s the way it goes.

I struggle with social anxiety so I go to shows and I can chat with the people there, but I suck at forming and maintaining friendships IRL. I’m super happy I found MM and this community. I don’t post often, but when I do people are always just as pumped as I am.


Ignorance about reptiles is hardly limited to the deep south. I live in California, and the vast majority of people I know think I’m insane for loving and keeping snakes. There are exceptions, of course, but most people seem to have this almost visceral disgust and fear when I mention my pet snakes. Snakes are right up there with spiders (which I also love) in terms of being reviled and misunderstood by most people.

I try to be sensitive to people’s feelings and phobias, but it’s hard for me. I just can’t understand such irrational fear and hatred of creatures that I find so fascinating and beautiful.


I definitely feel this all the time. Getting Willow was a huge accomplishment for me; being 18 and solely investing the money I earned into the growth of my collection. I don’t have reptile friends besides those I have found here. I sucks and I wish it was different too. Maybe someday…


Here she is, Pele. Captive born, bred and really friendly.


Oh wow, she’s beautiful!! Congratulations!


Wow, she is gorgeous! I love a monitor that get some size but was sweet.


She is really tame, even with a stranger. Unfortunatly she seems to be starting a respitory infection. I have an apointment with my exotic vet in the morning.


That’s a bummer that she seems to have an RI. Hope it clears up quickly with treatment!


Oh no sorry she may have a RI hopefully it clears up quickly! She’s gorgeous btw! I had the pleasure of getting to meet one a few months back at an expo. They are such a gorgeous species and the one I met was super docile!


She’s absolutely lovely and I pretty much second everyone else on here. I hate when people at work pry into what I do in my free time (spend time with my husband and reptiles whom are very well cared for). I have like two coworkers who were like oh that’s cool! But for the most part everyone else reacts with just a curt “oh” or all out disgust. I think the best reaction I got was “oh. I hate seeing my husband that’s why I’m always here. And gross… snakes???” I’m sorry to be you lady. Lol.

One person who formerly hated snakes I was able to convert was my father. He absolutely loves mine and has a new understanding and respect for them. I think he baby talks to my reptiles more than I do :joy:

Always feel free to share! I love hearing stories about people’s pets and seeing pictures. I think reptiles are super underrated by the general public.

Also wishing your little girl a speedy recovery. Keep us posted!



For me it was my mom. For whatever reason, most people are born or raised with an imprint in their minds that snakes, spiders and even lizards are gross or creepy, when they are actually stunningly beautiful creatures that should get a much better rep. It took years, but by the time I was 11 years old I had convinced her to get me my leopard gecko, Orbit. After that it took over a year for her to let me breed/sell Dubia roaches. Four years later I have almost 30 different species of inverts, dart frogs, and Orbit.

Many people at my school call me a ‘future millionaire’ because I make so much compared to them at age 15 and represent my school and district in STEM Fairs with this hobby. I am also a bit more mature than many others my age because of the opportunities this has brought me. :slight_smile: Though they think it is cool that I make money, they are disgusted or creeped-out that I do that. I guess they do have a level of ‘respect’ for it, but I tend to get a bad rep because I do this.


I feel this! It is wonderful to know that others feel it too, even though I wish no one had to feel this way. :cry:


I have a secret…. When I was younger I was a bit creeped out by bugs and spiders and now I breed a few select varieties of isopods (mostly for personal use) and I have a decent size roach colony (for feeding to my little geckos when they’re hungry). Also instead of screaming like a lunatic I’ll gently scoop up spiders I find where they don’t belong and deposit them gently outside or in the garage where they’ll happily find more than enough to keep their tummies full.

For me I think it was more of a lack of understanding (plus being raised around a bunch of people who threw a fit anytime they saw anything with more than 4 legs) :joy:. My own curiosity plus doing research/watching videos “yay interwebs” slowly got me to be more than ok with it. Everything has its place on this planet we call home.

Your contemporaries are missing out… you’re definitely a special soul and hopefully all of us in the community can help to normalize what is actually a rewarding and interesting hobby. And well…… you can’t convince everyone, and those are the people I would prefer to avoid anyhow. You do you! (This goes for all of us!) Also for the people who make their passion their job… you do that you really don’t ever work a day in your life (or however that saying goes) hahah.


My previous employer was a wastewater treatment plant and I work the 7p to 7a shift. I had a background of all my snakes and spiders on my login on the computer. Our chief plant operator told me to change the background wallpaper or log off before he came into the office. Now I work from home for a new employer and they all think Im a little nuts. But they still want me to bring a lizard or a spider or something to Zoom meetings.