Reptile Morph Art Series

Hey all!

I’m a hobby paleoartist, and I’ve decided to start a new project combining reptile morphs from the hobby into my dinosaur practice. Yes, yes, bird colorations would likely be more apt due to the relation, but shhhhhh I want to practice reptile morphs/patterns right now.

For example, I finished my main practice for Carnotaurus sastrei here:

And moved on to practice 3 Ball Python Morphs:

No, not exact, but this is for practice, not morph ID purposes.

So my questions for you!

  • What reptile morphs do you think are deserving of dinosaur proportions?
  • Do you have a morph that you think would compliment a certain dinosaur? What pajamas would a T Rex look good in?

I’ll continue to post the finished products here as long as doing so does not violate terms. I think this is okay since I’ve seen other herp art on here? If not, I’ll delete, no worries!


That’s pretty cool! I would think some banding and nice contrasting colors would be pleasing to the eye. Check out super Enchi, super orange dream. Or pastel, zebra morphs. Also look into desert ghost morphs with there high contrasting colors. Then for something different go with clown morphs, such as a banana clown or a spotnose clown morph. Clown morphs always have some wicked head patterns that would go well with a raptor or something


Please continue! Those are really cool!


This is amazing work! I think a pastel enchi GHI black head would look really cool. I just saw one for sale and it looks like it would be amazing on a dinosaur because it is really high contrast.

Also don’t worry about not being able to post this stuff. People post much more off topic things than awesome art.


Thank you! I’m starting on the next dino today!


I do love some high contrast colors and I think that could pair super well with some of the ‘scarier’ dinosaurs, thank you for the recommendations!


I’m glad this isn’t against the rules, haha! I’ll take a look at the pastel enchi GHI bh (honestly half the fun of this project is seeing all the morphs I’ve never seen


Thanks for the feedback everyone!
I’m also going to expand outside BP morphs, and some of my plans include using:

  • gargoyle gecko - orange stripe
  • Boa - FLRT line
  • short tail python - ??? all so pretty
  • Crested gecko - ???

So recommendations can be any reptile or amphibian you think is pretty!


I personally think fire skinks and northern blue tongue skinks are really cool looking, so maybe them also? also fire belly toads are really interesting and beautiful


Great suggestions thank you!


Here we go with the next set, spinosaurus! Colors and patterns are based on @logar suggestion for fire skinks and FBT - I wanted to preserve the red color of the JP3 spino while updating the body shape, and FBT just made sense since they are semi aquatic too


Neat! I could actually picture that fbt coloration for a water loving Dino!


Its such a shame we will never truly know what their colors were, although I think recently it was discovered that a big plant eating dinosaur did have the pigment cells for red scales, so its possible!


Quick work in progress for our next dino! Can anyone ID him?



My favorite is the last one based off the Enchi, bumblebee, yellow belly(I think anyway) Nice!


Thanks! I believe it was a Super Enchi Super OD spider, so you were super close considering my art isn’t a 100% accurate representation!


What fun! I will be sharing these with my grandkids when I see them.

I have some corn snake morph suggestions for consideration. Do check out adults, rather than babies; corns keep getting brighter as they grow and hold colors until late in life. For high contrast, maybe Extreme Reverse Oketees, Abbott Oketee, or Love Oketee. The bright yellows of Butter corns are nice. I’m envisioning the dorsal stripe and downward pattern coloration of a Red Factor Diffused Stripe sometimes AKA Bloodred Stripe. Lava Cinder morphs, Terrazzos, and Strawberry Granites have some very pretty, subtle things happening. And Pewters are a lovely, metallic silvery grey.

Green Tree Pythons have a lot of cool things happening color-wise. They’re so much more than green.

Beautiful work, @cmills. Thanks for sharing it here!


Thank you for your kind words!!

I hadn’t even considered corns yet, and I see now that they are an untapped gold mine, your suggestions are much appreciated :smile:


Also to @logar who found my cringe youtube commentary for these, I’m ahead of schedule for the next one :joy: :joy: