Reptile of the Month Guidelines

On the behalf of the staff I am proud to announce our first official Reptile of the Month photo contest starting March 1st 2020.

How will this contest work?

From March 1st to March 20th members will be able to submit one picture to be entered in the contest. (Submission thread will open on March 1st)

From March 21st through March 31st each member will be able to vote on their favorite picture.

March winner will be announced on April 1st 2020

So what is the prize for winning picture of the month?

The prize for winning the contest is essentially bragging rights, the winner will also have his picture featured in our picture of the month subforum for posterity, and finally the winner will also earn our new ROTM badge.

Kudos to @eaglereptiles for inspiring this idea and proving it out last month.


Update: renamed to Reptile of the Month

This is what the badge looks like, and no I didn’t get to keep it.

Also seems to be a way for it to show up in your title, I believe the way “staff” shows up in mine, if I’m understanding what title means.

Kudos to Deb for organizing this!


:love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture: This is perfect guys. Thank you :grin:
Well played @stewart_reptiles :slight_smile:.


You may now start to submit your entries for our March contest by doing so here March Picture of the month submission thread


Great thanks to @eaglereptiles for inspiring this idea and proving it out last month, which we have formalized in this new subforum.


Your more than welcome John :slight_smile:

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