Reptile Of The Month Trial Run - February 2020

We all love each other here, we make friends and help each other as much as we can … But now it’s time to fight to the death… Literally… Ok, maybe not literally, but at least figuratively.

Get your favourite snake, your most beautiful Iguana or your prettiest gecko all prepped and ready to show off.

Have you seen any other users on here post pictures of their animal that you think could win this?.. Link to that post/comment.

All pictures must have been posted after February 1st and before March 1st.

Make sure to come back regularly to vote to make this fair (otherwise the first few will get more :heart:s than the last ones.)

This is not just about genes or photography skills or cuteness or jealousy… It’s about all of them.

Have fun :grin:.


Aww I dont have a reptile yet. Too bad dogs dont count because I have a pretty one of those lol.

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Tell me about it. I have a sheltie and we are actualy going to a club event this april (i hope for a CAC or BIB tittle)

I can’t believe this thread is still empty so here’s a jeweled lacerta saying “Come at me, bro!”

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Aww cute. I want one someday. Jewelled lacerta is def on my reptile wishlist.

I hear you. I have a 12 yr old female husky whos aged like a fine wine. Shes a real sweetie but loves to hunt and get into mischief sometimes. These days all she wants most of the time is for you to lie with her and give k9 cuddles and poochy-smoochies. I guess its the age.


What’s up?

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Is that a panda and a suma next to each other?
Sorry, I’m having a bad time zooming in.

I just tagged one of your pictures from a past thread in here :blush: that is all.

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They are both Sumas. The smaller is much darker and keeping it.

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I’m going to have to get my NWLPs out for some photography, they certainly are photogenic but it’s so hard to get them to settle down enough to get anything not-in-hand :roll_eyes:


sure why not- one of my firebold leopard geckos.


This is Ammon, my 9 1/2 year old Arizona mountain king snake, and my first ever snake. He is a middle aged boi for his species but is still as shiny and active as ever. He isn’t a common species so I was happy I could get him when I was younger, especially because he was at a local pet store.



0.1 Pastel Calico in sunlight