Rescue Leopards (id help too) 😁

So let me start off by saying, Im not a massive Leo fan myself. I’d love a pair of blood tempers in the future or tangerines because they’re very pretty, but they’re not massively my thing, Just prefer Fat tails over them…
BUT that being said, saw these today and it made me upset, I was at work and was just in shock after seeing them for sale, to the point I now have 6 Skinny Leo’s here… After work I collected my daughter and off I went…
So here we have 4 males ages from 2-5 (I’ll double check soon defo males) and 2 babies, born Jan they think.
Just curious on who I have here… And let’s hope we can help them! :black_heart:
I’ll tag the Leo gurus but anyone else feel free to chime in! @mblaney @erie-herps
So Male 1:

Male 2: (I love the lil white tips on toes)

Male 3: (He’s got something wrong with his jaw, born like it, and red eyes so some sort of albino, I know I won’t know which)

Male 4:

Baby 1: (black eyes, threw tail on way home)

Baby 2:

Thankyou all for any help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh my gosh, those poor babies! Unless they have crypto or something else pathogenic, they look like they can still recover. :crossed_fingers: They are lucky to have found their way to you!

(Just in case you don’t know- dont house the males together, they will generally fight to the death. Just felt like I should say that just in case.)

Ignoring very uncommon morphs:

Male 1: Most likely a ‘SHTCTB’- a Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy. Hard to say for sure about the Carrot Tail because his is in such bad shape- if 15%+ is orange, then it’s a Carrot Tail.

Male 2: SHCT- Super Hypo Carrot Tail.

Male 3: Jaw could also be from previous MBD while a juvenile, it sometimes shows up that way in leos. Hard to label but I’d probably go with ‘Albino Carrot Tail’

Male 4: Hypo. But it has Pied feet like you see with Eclipses, so possibly an Eclipse. If any of his eyes are black, even partially, then he’s most likely an Eclipse.

Baby 1: Mack Super Snow Eclipse.

Baby 2: Albino Stripe


Thankyou for this!
My worry was something underlying, but will weigh them all tomorrow, and then same time next week to see if any gain, hoping they’re all ok as I’d hate anything to happen…

If was something like Crypto do you think her others would be ok that were kept near them all? She’s got some others in better condition but I didn’t take them…

All of them are in separate tubs! I haven’t even kept the babies together, all alone so I can see what’s being eaten etc.

Male 4 has the black/white eyes (my fav as they look cross eyed!)

And with the baby 2, also has the black and white eyes too, so still an albino?…

I need to get more into Leo morphs, so interesting! :grin:


Girl, you are amazing!

Also, you’ve come to the dark side! :smiling_imp:

I can’t believe the shape they are in. I can understand why you were upset! That’s insane.

They’re all so cute though! I find baby Leo’s easier to sex than baby cresties.

What will rehab look like? I foresee lots of little hornworms in their future!


If any of them have Crypto they likely all have it.

Baby 2 looks like an Albino to me. Non-Albinos have eyes that are dark. @westridge @erie-herps or anyone else is welcome to chime in with their opinions. :blush:


I gave them wax worms before I left this morning, ordering more smaller crickets too as the locust they were given were too big :woman_facepalming:t2:
I already have other insects here too so I am hoping they do ok!

She’s got some others in better shape but I did spot another baby when leaving… :pensive:


Goodness the state of these littles is heartbreaking and quite upsetting. Who in the world would offer animals this sick for sale! Sheesh. People blow my mind.

Good on you for getting them out of that environment. Hopefully they’re clear of any diseases and they’re able to start recovering in your care. :crossed_fingers::heart:


These are all in terrible shape! Good job for taking them in, hopefully they recover. I agree with @mblaney on the morphs, I think the last one looks like an albino. You should get fecals from a vet, especially for Crypto. Be sure to follow strict quarantine and keep them away from all of your other reptiles. Are the woven hides completely opaque. You don’t want them to be able to see out of the hide (excluding the entrance, of course). If you’re feeding crickets be sure to gut load and dust them. Also, don’t leave the crickets in the tub, they can and will eat through the gecko’s side.


Just didn’t think albinos had black/white eyes, unless fat tails like the amel I suppose!

Yeah I won’t be leaving anything in, they were though…


The black part could really just be a very dark red. My albinos look similar to that.


I’ve had a good look, mum looked the same and not red either… it’s got the same eyes as male 4
The tangerines got the same mum too I think?…

My gosh was a mess knowing who’s who haha :sweat_smile:

I’ll look with a light later.

I just love the fact they look cross eyed! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Just checked, his eyes are black and white so that would make him not an albino… :thinking:


Oh my gosh, those poor babies are in such rough shape. :frowning: I really hate people sometimes. How could anyone think it’s okay to keep and sell animals in such awful condition?

Very glad they’re in your care now. It looks like these poor babies have caught their first break. I really hope they all pull through and recover. Hopefully they just need some good food and TLC and aren’t doomed by disease. I’m rooting for you and them!


Her ‘keeper’ Leo’s are all healthy, and chunky!

These were left to her by her son who isn’t about and basically dumped them on her (won’t get into why).

So I don’t think it’s Crypto as her others would all surely be skinny also… It was just her sons… well apart from the females he let which were in a great condition too… was just the males and babies…?

I have the Leo’s in my room away from all the other geckos just incase though.

They’re currently eating meal worms like there’s no tomorrow!
Going online to order more wax worms, and Crickets too, what other ‘fatty’ foods would you recommend? Never tried hornworms if that’s worth a go? Don’t want them addicted to wax worms, my fat tail was a pain to get off them :sweat_smile: Though she was feeding them mealworms mostly it seemed…
But also locust and wax worms too :thinking:

I will say I am wondering if the ‘full’ bowls of mealworms were put there for me when I arrived (if you get me)


So, I was reading from @mblaney that small hornworms are a good feeder and help with hydration. Idk how often, however. :upside_down_face:


Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), hornworms, silkworms, dubia, crickets are all good. Superworms and Butterworms are ok-ish. I wouldn’t start them on anything super fatty because they’ll just get a taste for it. I might be missing something- anyone else is free to chime in. Right now I’m feeding my guys 90% pieces of Repashy’s Grub Pie via tongs, but that takes some patience to get some geckos switched over.

BSFL can be gutloaded before feeding but don’t need calcium powder, only occasional vitamin. Dubia, crickets, and superworms should be gutloaded and powdered (same for mealworms if you use them). Butterworms can’t really be gutloaded (if I remember correctly), but you can powder them- same for silkworms and hornworms. I don’t know much about locusts but I’m guessing that they have a nutrition profile like crickets.


Something’s on the fritz with adding pics, this might take me multiple edits, hold on

Here’s a pic of my gecko Lemmy’s eyes. She is a Patternless Rainwater albino.

This is Icarus, my Mack Snow Bell Albino Eclipse Enigma. It takes multiple genes affecting eye pigmentation to make a bright red appearance.

This is Adonis, my Albey Snow male, with normal eyes.

This is Taffy, my Rainwater Albino Eclipse.


Your crew makes me so happy every time I see them. I love how Lemmy’s eyes are. I’m not much for Albino in any animal because I’m not overly fond of the ocular mutation. However, I adore Lemmy’s pink eyes. I’m also partial to banana BPs.

Adonis seems like he was such a sweet angel. I love his eyes!!!


Icarus :rofl::heart_eyes: “it is bright af lady, put ke back”

I love your leos, they all (except icarus) look so happy.


Wow, thank goodness you found them