Rescued Ball this scale rot?

We rescued this guy back in March. he has been eating/shedding great…but with this last shed we noticed this on him (see picture) The only spot im really noticing this is in the neck area

We use the coconut husk substrate which is supposedly anti-microbial and wont harbor bacteria…His tub is pretty dry except near his dish (he has a small water crock) We use ultratherm UTH with temp controllers. He has a hide, but most of the time he is on top of it.

I think scale rot is likely. I’ll let someone with more experience with it give a more definitive answer.

Preemptively, if you don’t have any already, you should get some providone iodine solution (with nothing else in it but water). It’s very useful to have with snakes for minor cuts, minor infections, etc. (and once you have it around you might find yourself using it on yourself too lol).

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thank you! I will go get some of that

ive already taken out his substrate and put paper towels in place of it.

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My girl had this a little but your not has more of it. It could just be too dry for too long adjust your humidity and see what she is looking like after next shed. Also look into scale rot It could very well be that I’m not an expert haha