Restless momma!

I don’t know what to make of this!

Ava laid for me in 2020, but I don’t remember her acting like this before…

I know gravid females that are close to laying will be super restless… but almost every time I go to check on her, she’s tried to climb out of her tub and up my arm.

This time, I was retrieving the GoPro I was using to try and watch her without disturbing her since the battery died on it, and she did the same… but then crawled around my neck and wrapped herself up and seemed intent on staying put. I finally managed to gently unwrap her and coax her back into her tub, but man… has anyone else had their girls do that?

She must be really close to laying :joy:
Egg bulge right by her tail too!


I’ve had restless ones, but not trying to jump out of their cage! She is probably just super uncomfortable and close like you said. You can double check your temps. just to be sure but I wouldn’t worry, congratulations on the impending clutch!

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I did check the temps, everything seems normal — so I think she’s just being extra restless. She does go from coiling on the warm end to looking around her tub, but seems to be settling down more as of today


Just a random thought to challenge the status quo- The world was flat until new ideas were explored.
(Please, no flat earthers discussion here, leave that to youtube.)
Yes, Non scientific - But do you hold her often? Maybe she feels safe with you and/or likes your heat or the opportunity to get out. Just a vague impression from the pictures, but you (and the snakes behaviour ) look like someone who holds your snakes alot.
Yes, I may get trolled for saying that, but conditioning is conditioning if that’s the animals experience.
Also if getting out is the main movement and excise she gets, she could see it as a way to move things down her body including food down. Why should she know the difference in the over full feeling?


I do handle my snakes, but not super often — normally it’s just for cleaning tubs and weighing.

She’s never done this before, climbing up on me like that. She did it again today when I went to check on her. It’s kind of amusing, but I really hope she lays her eggs soon :joy:

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Come to think of it, I wonder if she’s still running around because she feels too “exposed” — her tub was in that top rack with open sides.

I’ve swapped her tub with Lucy’s and moved her down into the white rack underneath it.

Maybe, just maybe, that’ll help her feel safer and she’ll lay her eggs.


Ava FINALLY dropped her eggs! I’ll be updating my breeding season thread with details!


Congrats, can you link me to that thread ?

That would be this post/thread!

… I don’t know why it’s in the western hognose category, my posts have all been ball python clutches thus far :joy:

Edit: Thanks @lumpy for fixing that for me!