Rich Hume Peach line

Is there anyone here who breeds corn snakes and is familiar with the Rich Hume Peach Line? Specifically his Peach Lavender/Plasma line? I’ve inherited the job of figuring out what peach actually is since Rich retired from being corn snakes at least. I’ve been working with the line now for 3 years and I’ve come up with some interesting results. I would love to discuss genetics with sometimes in regards to these if anyone is familiar and wanting to chat about it. Drop me a line here if you are familiar and would like to talk genetics.

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I would love to hear more about it. The little I know about it is from the single page about it in Sarah Mohr’s recent book.

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From what I remember back in my day of breeding corns. Peach is a specifically nice Caramel Hypo Lavender. Others have produced them but not as nice as the original one. I was once working with really nice ambers and Hypo lavenders in hopes to produce a gorgeous peach corn. Unfortunately I got out of corns back in 2008. I did have several Hypo holdbacks hey for caramel lavender.

I also produced really nice Hypo butters back in 2007.

@sickpyth7 I thought Caramel Hypo Lavenders were called Amarettos. Either way I believe the Rich Hume Peach line @gmr2014 is speaking about is not the same thing.

Yes I think your right, back in the early days Amaretto didn’t exist. But Rich Hume’s Special snake did. This was so many years ago so I could be wrong. I still have the photo of the peach corn in my picture album. I printed it back then.